Video: Entire The Division Map Fits into GTA V’s Los Santos City Area

How big is The Division map? It isn’t the biggest New York we have seen in video games. However, how big is it when compared to Fallout 4 and the massive map of Grand Theft Auto V. Well, prepare for some mathematical digging.

Although it isn’t a 1-to-1 replica of New York but it still has decent size. The map is 1.7 miles in length and when compared to GTA V, The Division map is a little smaller then the city area of Los Santos. GTA V map practically eats-up New York.

However, The Division map is more dense.

Will Ubisoft’s open-world shooter do better against Fallout 4? You will be surprise about to see the results and may change your opinion about Fallout 4 and its map size. Check out the video above to find out the results.

Source: MarcoStyle

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