The Division Level Rewards Will Give New Gear, XP has Finally Some Meaning

With the 1.4 update for The Division coming soon, Ubisoft Montreal has also revealed the existence of The Division level rewards, which will be coming when the game puts in “endless leveling”, where players will be gaining high-end equipment every time they get to a new level, with no cap.

The Division runs on a rather Destiny-like leveling system; while players are capped at Level 30, they can continue to level up past that by getting better and better gear. The Division has since added in new World Tiers, where the game’s map goes up in strength and difficulty.

While that caps at Level 4, The Division level rewards will continue to go up in a “Field Proficiency” bar, giving you various gear caches as you hit the end of the level. These gear caches will normally be high-end gear suited to your World Level, along with at least a few Phoenix Credits, the game’s in-game currency.

Right now it’s only in the PC public test area, but hopefully it will be coming out soon.

These rewards can be added to with the Combat Assignment Cache, which you can get by completing things like daily events and whatnot. These caches will give you more opportunity for loot upgrades as well.

The Division level rewards are only going to be a small part of the 1.4 update, however. The update is going to be making a great deal of changes to a wide variety of mechanics, including things like smart cover, inventory (for instance weapon skins now don’t take up inventory space, and every character can access them, and you only need one skin to use it on all of your weapons.)

The Division update 1.4 is supposed to be releasing sometime in October, so if you’ve gotten tired of Destiny’s new expansion Rise of Iron by then (not likely) and are in the mood for a same-but-different game, then you won’t have very long to wait until the next Division update.