The Division Heartland “Almost Ready” To Release In Coming Months

The Division Heartland, a free-to-play standalone game set in the expansive Division universe, could be released sooner than expected.

According to a report by Xfire earlier today, a number of playtesters have confirmed The Division Heartland to be in a fairly finished state at the time of writing. The game “feels almost ready” to release in the coming months, suggesting that publisher Ubisoft could be making an announcement soon.

The Division Heartland has been in development since 2020 as one of three free-to-play first-person shooters Ubisoft intends to release in the near future. The game is being helmed by developer Red Storm Entertainment, known for providing supportive work on The Division franchise, for a release by March 2023.

The Division Heartland has not been revealed since its announcement last year. The only details available are through leaks that remain to be officially acknowledged. The game, for example, is said to feature six different characters split between three playable classes, each designed around unique roles.

The Division Heartland is furthermore said to pit players against AI-controlled enemies that are also split between six categories of different attributes.

There will be two modes to choose from: a PvPvE mode called Storm and a PvE mode called Excursion. Storm being the main go-to mode by bearing similarities with the likes of Escape From Tarkov.

Officially, The Division Heartland still has another year in development. Even if the game is currently in a finished state, Ubisoft will want to spend some additional months to polish the gameplay and ensure a stable release, something crucial for free-to-play multiplayer games.

The Division Heartland will release for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC when ready. You will not require to own a copy of either The Division or The Division 2 to be eligible.

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