The Division Has Major Glitches: Unlimited Ammo, Medkits, Super-Speed and More [UPDATED]

The community manager of Ubisoft has commented on the situation saying that these issues are not hacks or cheats but glitches and bugs that the developers are working on. Interesting.

Guys, so you’re aware the things discussed here are not in fact hacks or cheats, but merely abuse of glitches that exist in the game currently. These glitches are currently being worked on by the team.

Also, the community developer of Ubisoft, Hamish Bode answered a related question on his Twitter assuring everyone that the developers are working to fix the cheating issues.

And that this is “not just typical Ubi spin.”

Well, well, well… It looks like Ubisoft’s latest, The Division is not all rainbows and stars right now; just as the same time when Ubisoft is extending the testing phase’s duration, tons of people who already have access to the beta are complaining that the game has massive glitches and hacks that cheaters are exploiting so much it has completely ruined the experience for them and since the closed beta has no NDA, we have been able to share all this with you.

Some of the cheats being used are allowing the players to get unlimited ammo for their weaponry including grenades and more. Not only that, it looks like the cheaters are able to get infinite volumes of almost everything they want ranging from any desired critical chance to unlimited medkits.

Other hacks include ensuring there is no recoil as well as getting unlimited super-speed. For the latter, it has also been revealed that the hack is allowing the cheaters to go invisible as well.

The only two stats that appear to be safe are currencies and health.

If it is some consolation, The Division beta phase doesn’t have anti-cheat measures and that might be worsening the situation – this is something that is wrongly being attributed to the whole game too. Apparently, the developers did not want to stress the servers with them or give the cheaters a head-start on cracking the anti-cheating processes the final game will have.

However, these issues are also being attributed to the game’s netcode citing the global networking architecture as the culprit of the problems. If this is the case, the issue will not be confined to The Division beta alone and might continue to plague the game later on – unless Ubisoft does something about it first.

IF the player structure information is client side and not on the servers, it means we have a problem here that might persist.

We’ll talk to Ubisoft for more on this.

Oh and a number of people are also cancelling their preorders after having experienced these glitches, bugs and hacks in The Division beta. Will you give up so soon?

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