The Division Dark Zone Credits Farming Guide – Easy Dark Zone Gear, Weapons, Items

The Division Dark Zone credits farming guide to help you get easy Dark Zone Gear, Dark Zone Weapons and other Dark Zone Items.

How to farm The Division Dark Zone credits to buy Dark Zone gear, Dark Zone weapons, and other goodies.

Despite the fact that there are two primary currencies in The Division, the one related to Dark Zone is of paramount importance. The currency is called The Division Dark Zone Credits and come in really handy during endgame.

While inside The Division Dark Zone, you cannot expect to get your hands on your desired loot which is where The Division Dark Zone Credits come in.

In addition to regular vendors, you will come across Dark Zone vendors at the Dark Zone entrances and multiple other places. These Dark Zone vendors essentially deal in Dark Zone gear, weapons, and other goodies and only accept The Division Dark Zone Credits.

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The Division Dark Zone Credits Farming Tips

The Division Dark Zone Credits are hard to come by, we have compiled a list of methods using which you should face no difficulty in accumulating as much Dark Zone Credits as possible:

Farming Low Level NPCs
One of the easiest ways of earning The Division Dark Zone credits is by farming low level NPCs inside the Dark Zone. Instead of going after high level enemies, you need to focus on killing low level enemies as much as possible!

This will not only provide you with an abundance of Dark Zone credits, but also Dark Zone weapons and gear. As witnessed in The Division beta, DZ NPCs have quite low respawn time which is subject to change in the final build.

But if it does not change along with the fact that enemy NPCs absorb bullets like a sponge, farming low level NPCs will certainly help you out!

Dark Zone Chests
One of the advantages of targeting high level NPCs and human players in the Dark Zone is acquiring Dark Zone Keys for opening up Dark Zone Chests.

The Dark Zone Chests can only be opened after acquiring a Dark Zone Key and contains excellent loot as well as plenty of Dark Zone Credits – which is why we are here!

Rogue Team and Keeping Alive
If you have a fireteam, you can try and go rogue as a team. It is important to note here is that if one player goes rogue, the entire party goes rogue. Going rogue is all about high level risk and reward!

Apparently, rogue agents not only earn Dark Zone Credits real fast, but their death penalties are also high. When going with this method, you need to ensure that you do not die and eliminate multiple agents as soon as possible!

A word of warning: since players avoid going rogue, you can expect the entire server looking out to eliminate you.

Do not forget to share your own The Division Dark Zone Credits farming methods with us in the comments section below!

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