The Division Beta Access Restricted in 44 Countries Due to Unprecedented Interest

The Division beta went live only a day ago and it is already the talk of town whether we look at the developers or the community; and why wouldn’t it, the game is one of the most awaited titles of the season!

So much so that Ubisoft boasts they have experienced an “unprecedented level of interest” in the beta testing phase from the community. While this sounds something to cheer about, a number of us are also going to be pissed because this also means that the developers are overwhelmed.

Total capacity of players needed for the testing phase has been achieved and as a result, access to The Division beta has been restricted for as many as 44 countries from around the globe.

We are seeing an unprecedented level of interest in The Division closed beta and we want to warmly thank our fans for their enthusiasm and passion. We’ve already reached the capacity of players needed to test the game and online infrastructure during the beta and to prepare for the launch of the game (on PS4) on March 8. As a result, at this time we’re closing access to the closed beta through the PSN pre-order system.

So yes, if you are in Australia, Germany, France, Russia or even the UK, you will not be able to get access to the testing phase. The entire list of affected countries is pretty long:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Oman
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Russian Federation
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom

On the off-chance that you have managed to get into The Division beta and are wondering how to do this gig right, this video demonstration has everything you need to know about it, also keep tabs on these known issues that the beta has.

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