The Division 2 Story Isn’t Making Any Political Statements, Says Ubisoft Massive

The Division 2 story isn't going to be putting forward any political opinions, according to Ubisoft Massive, even if it takes place in Washington DC.

The Division 2 story, according to Ubisoft Massive, isn’t going to be making nay sort of political statement, despite the greater implications of its narrative. The Division 2 is the recently-announced sequel to the original Division game, taking place in a new city with new mechanics and a new plot, and more.

The Division 2 takes place seven months after the original Division game, in the city of Washington DC. While the smallpox virus that caused the plot of the original game has now burned itself out, American stands on the brink of collapse. A lack of central authority has allowed a number of militia groups to take over large swathes of territory, and the Strategic Homeland Division must restore order.

However, Washington DC got hit particularly hard by the outbreak, and there are inklings that sinister elements within America’s own government are working in the shadows to seize power. And it’s there, apparently, that is the cause of various rumors that the Division 2 story will be making some sort of political statement.

With a high degree of division (snrk) in American politics lately, with the left and right seeming to take more to extremes than any reasonable crowds, various conspiracy theories and rumors about the Republican Party attempting to turn America into a Nazi Germany-like fascist dictatorship, and the Democratic “Deep State” attempting to remove Donald Trump through a supposedly bogus investigation, a story like this could be ammo for either side of the spectrum.

However The Division 2 story works out, hopefully gamers will be able to stay sane and not try and make the game into a huge amount of conspiracy theories about the American government, and hopefully The Division 2 will be able to avoid making the various mistakes that the original Division game made when it released.

The Division 2 is supposed to be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on March 15 of next year.

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