How to Recruit All Division 2 Staff Members?

There are some NPCs in The Division 2 you can recruit to your side. In this Division 2 Guide, we have explained everything from why you should recruit staff members, who you can recruit, and how to recruit them.

The Division 2 Staff Members Recruitment

The people you can recruit in the game are necessary for gaining access to some features of The Division 2. This includes things like accessing crafting among other things. That means some of the staff you recruit will be part of the story in fact. Here is the list of staff you can recruit in The Division 2 that we know about so far.

1. Coop Dennison
Coop is available as soon as you reach the White House after finishing the game’s Prologue.

2. Inaya Al-Khaliq
Completing the first Main Mission at the Theater will add Inaya to your roster. The benefit of adding her is that it unlocks the ability to craft items.

3. Grace Larson
Once you reach Level 2 at the Civilian Outpost, you can find Grace at the Main Desk. Approach and talk to her to recruit her to your roster as well.

4. Senait Ezera
Similar to Larson, you will find her at the same place but only after leveling the “Theater” up to 2.

5. Charles Douglas
Reaching the maximum level at the Theater will unlock Charles as a recruit.

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