Creating Authentic The Division 2 Sound Effects Was a Painful Process for Ubisoft

Ubisoft mentioned that one of the things that the developers wanted to nail is The Division 2 sound effects. The team went to great lengths to bring authentic Washington D.C. to players and one aspect of this process is creating authentic sound effects for The Division 2.

One of the challenges that the team faced was that Washington D.C. is a very active city. In order to get sound samples without much interference, the sound team had to go out into the city in the middle of the night.

Even though Ubisoft went through all this, it was still not silent enough so the team took a second trip. This time they went to a completely abandoned city, Chernobyl.

I think the team is trying to go into great depths in order to make The Division 2 sound effects realistic and that should reflect in the actual The Division 2 gameplay as well.

D.C is a very active city so our sound team went into the streets in the middle of the night on the weekend to see the sounds that they can capture. In widespread, in small streets, and in places where you a little bit more nature. So the sound that you will hear is very much authentic Washington D.C.

But it wasn’t quite enough for us so we organized a second trip to capture the sound of a compeltly abandoned city in Chrnobyl.

Devs also mentioned that The Division 2 uses 1:1 recreation of Washington D.C. in the game and it is exactly what it looks like in real life.

So while the city is the same as in real life, Ubisoft is adding an extra layer on top of that in order to make things more interesting. This is The Division 2 after all and you expect to see nothing less. One major question that the community has been asking about the game is whether players will be able to explore the White House. It turns out that you can and there is an extensive mission set in the area.

This is something that the fans will appreciate.

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