The Division 2 Skills Guide – All 8 Modules, Skills Mods, Best Skills, Which Skills to Unlock First

The Division 2 Skills can make or break a fight in the game. Learn all about all the skills, skill mods, best skills, and skills to unlock first in TD2.

Division 2 Skills

In The Division 2, you can use up to 8 different skills during combat. Each of these skills gives you some sort of edge in combat that will be helpful in annihilating your enemies. You unlock these after the first cutscene in the White House.

You will meet the Quartermaster who is the point of contact for purchasing skills. This Division 2 Guide will outline all the skills as well as their variants and the best ones.


Pulse Effects
Scanner This pulses the surrounding area visually highlights hostiles on your HUD.
Remote This can be deployed at a set location where it will continually pulse and then visually highlight hostiles on your HUD.
Jammer This device pulses outwards from the agent, overloading and disabling hostile electronics.


Turret Effects
Assault This turret automatically goes after enemy targets, but can also be manually overridden to lock on to and attack a specific enemy.
Incinerator This manually controlled turret can be deployed to dispense streams of flame in a forward-facing cone.
Sniper This fires high-caliber sniper rifle rounds at manually selected targets.


Hive Effects
Restorer Micro repair drones are sent out to repair your allies’ armor.
Stinger Micro drones that attack and distract nearby enemy targets are sent out.
Reviver Small drones are deployed to revive nearby downed allies.
Booster Delivers a combat efficiency improving stimulant to nearby allies.

Chem Launcher

Chem Launcher Effects
Reinforcer This canister disperses a cloud of gas to repair and reinforce allies’ armor.
Firestarter This creates a cloud of explosive gas that you can ignite with explosives and weapon fire.
Riot Foam This fires a payload of sticky foam to immobilize targets.
Oxidizer This releases a cloud of corrosive gas that harms enemy armor, skill proxies and causes damage over time.


Firefly Effects
Blinder As the name suggests, this firefly blinds enemies that it passes over, which reduces their combat effectiveness.
Burster This attaches explosive charges to targets that detonate once the two are in proximity of each other
Demolisher This aims to damage or destroy enemy weak points, skill proxies and explosives in the area.

Seeker Mine

Seeker Mine Effects
Explosive Tracks down and explode on reaching close proximity of hostiles.
Airburst This mine rolls towards its target, and launches an explosive burst into the air once it gets within close proximity.
Cluster This mine splits into smaller seekers that track down and explode upon reaching enemy proximity.


Drone Effects
Striker The striker tracks targets and attempts to maintain line of sight while firing at them.
Defender This drone can deflect incoming bullets from a sonic emitter that is underneath it.
Bombardier The agent can set two points, and then deploy a payload of miniature explosives between them.
Fixer Replenishes the armor of nearby or selected allies.


Shield Effects
Bulwark Provides near full-body coverage, but at the cost of allowing only sidearms to be used when it is equipped.
Crusader This is a much lighter shield that allows you to use all primary weapons while it is equipped, but exposes the agent’s legs.
Deflector As the name suggests, this shield causes incoming bullets to be deflected to a nearby highlighted target with a clear line of sight to the agent. A lack of a brace means that only a sidearm may be used when this is equipped

Which Skills are the Best?

The best skills you can decide to purchase depending on your situation. The Scanner Pulse variant is a good starter if you are playing alone since it keeps you aware of nearby enemies so you are ready for a fight.

Similarly, the Firestarter Chem can cover a wide area eliminate a large number of enemies easily to make your gameplay easier. The Blinder Firefly is also a good option since it immobilizes enemies.

For team gameplay, we recommend skills that provide health regeneration, revives, or buffs. The Restorer, Reviver, or Booster can meet this requirement.

The Fixer Drone is a very good choice for its mobility. If your goal is to deal out massive damage then stick with the Firestarter Chem Launcher.