The Division 2 Release Date Will Be Sometime Before April 2019

If you’re a fan of Ubisoft’s The Division then we have good news for you. Ubisoft has said that The Division 2 release date will be happening sometime before April of 2019, meaning that it’s less than a year off from coming out for us.

The Division was the earliest competitor to the Destiny series, sharing in the shared-world shooter element of a post-pandemic New York City after a biological terrorist attack cripples the city, causing the Strategic Homeland Division (the titular Division) to be activated to restore order, dealing with crazed prisoners from Riker’s Island, marauding anarchists, ex-military men, and pyromaniacs along the way.

Various new places opened up in The Division as it continued to be developed, with the last addition being a gameplay mode where players are inserted into the city as a huge blizzard roll in, forcing them to make their way to an evacuation zone and try to survive the whole way.

The Division 2 release date doesn’t give any idea of any real specifics beyond it taking place in the first quarter of next year, so there’s not really any sort of indication for when it will come out. It could be released in March like the original game was, or it could come out at the tail end of 2018.

With the lackluster reception that Destiny 2 has gotten since it released last September, The Division might have a good chance to become the premiere shared-world shooter, at least if it doesn’t start out like the original Division did, with various technical bugs out the wazoo and the servers going down constantly.

However it turns out, we’ll be seeing more information about The Division 2 and the Division 2 release date when E3 2018 rolls around, so we’ll just have to wait another few weeks until the Ubisoft E3 conference rolls around.