The Division 2 Open Beta All But Confirmed By Ubisoft

The Division 2 closed beta is almost near to its end but you don’t have to worry as an open beta of the game is coming soon according to a Ubisoft developer. A developer of the game has accidentally revealed that an open beta is on its way which will fix various issues of the game.

You can watch the live stream which has been going on since the start of the Division 2 beta. During the live stream, one of the developers said that “some of the bugs seen in the private beta will be fixed in the open beta”.

There’s also a video here which you can watch to witness the exact moment when it happened. This pretty much confirms that an open beta of Division 2 will be announced soon and it’s expected to start at the end of February or in March. It can also release a few days earlier before the official release date which is March 15, 2019.

If you already have the closed beta of The Divison 2 then we advise you to not delete it as it’s pretty big in size. We are expecting The Division 2 open beta to last at least for 3 days along with a pre-load ahead of its start time on all platforms.

We hope that the second beta fixes most of the issues so everyone can enjoy the game the way it was meant to be. It was reported that the players were being banned from the closed beta for the wrong reasons. You could get banned by just booting up the game. Later it was revealed by Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment that the issue has been fixed.

I personally played it twice and each time I got disconnected from the servers after playing for an hour so I decided to not waste my time on it anymore but I’ll surely try it once again with the next beta.

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