The Division 2 Open Beta Details and New Trailer Released

Ubisoft has now detailed its upcoming open beta of The Division 2 which runs from March 1-4. After a hosting a lot of private betas and technical tests of the game, the publisher is now giving all the players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC the last chance to try it out before it releases.

All of this open beta information was released with a trailer which showcases some of the new content that the players will be able to experience for the first time. The Division 2 beta start date is March 1 on all platforms and it brings 3 missions with normal and hard modes, five side missions, a Dark zone and more.

These missions include Grand Washington Hotel and Jefferson Trade Center which were included in the previous private beta. Viewpoint Museum is the new addition to the beta test.

Massive Entertainment is now raising the cap level to level 8 but the character customization limit is still set to one. You can delete the character is you wish to restart over. There’s also an addition of 4v4 PvP mode Skirmish map which is playable on Capitol Ruins and the stadium. A new skill called Chem Launcher will be also available and comes in two different variants: Riot Foam and Explosive Vapor.

Five side missions are also available along with control points and world activities across The White House, Downtown East, The Federal Triangle, and the Smithsonian zones in the Washington D.C.

In addition, Dark Zone East which is one of the three Dark Zones in the game will be available to play.

Moreover, Ubisoft has mentioned that the beta consists of a portion of The Division 2’s end game if you finish the Jefferson Trade Center. It will unlock the end game content along with three level 30 characters which come with different specializations. You have to Log in with these three new characters to begin the end game mission so choose wisely.

In the end, Ubisoft clarified that the beta is not NDA and encourages everyone to share their experience of the game by taking pictures in the game using the photo mode.

Everyone can start pre-downloading the Division 2 open beta on February 28 across the world. You can look at the chart below to know exactly when you can start playing and when it ends depending on the region you live in.

The Division 2 Start date

There’s no need to sign-up for The Division 2 open beta as it’s totally free and will be available to download from PlayStation Store on PS4 and Xbox Live Store on Xbox One.

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