The Division 2 Federal Bunker Mission Game Breaking Bug Still Not Fixed

The Division 2 is currently facing a game-breaking bug that stops your story progression. The Division 2’s Federal Emergency Bunker mission is bugged and stops players from completing it. At the end of the mission, the player is asked to reactivate SHD network at the White House basement.

However, many players report a bug that doesn’t let you complete this final objective. The game doesn’t register the completion of this objective and keeps asking the player to do it again. It isn’t confirmed if Ubisoft is even aware of this issue and there is no fix in the works as far as we know.

There is no confirmed workaround for this either but some report doing the following and seeing positive results when dealing with the Federal Emergency Bunker bug.

The bug seems to occur when you either skip the cutscene or watch in a group. So there are two completely different things you can try. After you reactivate the SHD network watch the cutscene while you are out of the squad.

Of course, you need to leave the squad before you go back to the White House to trigger the cutscene. The other solution is to, of course, not skip the cutscene in the first place.

If your game is bugged, find a player who hasn’t done this mission and do it again. Don’t skip the cutscene and watch it alone by leaving the group.

There is no guaranteed fix for this for the time being. The above-mentioned steps may or may not work as results have been mixed.

Ubisoft will release updates for The Division 2 in the coming days and hopefully one of the updates will fix the game’s Federal Emergency Bunker bug.

The Division 2 Federal Emergency Bunker mission bug is affecting PS4, Xbox One, and PC players all the same.

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