The Division 2 End Game Faction, The Black Tusk; Everything You Need to Know

Ubisoft has now detailed the Division 2’s end game faction called The Black Tusk so today we will be telling everything that you need to know about it. The end faction comes after you have finished the main campaign and will basically undo all of the hard work that you did to make Washington, DC a safe place.

The Black Tusk faction will establish new strongholds all over the map and they are tougher than anyone else in the game. This special faction comes with everything that’s needed to take over including high-tech robot dogs and armed drones. The latest released trailer here shows us what they are actually capable of.

The end game enemy is described as follows:

The Black Tusks are a private military contractor with strong ties to key political and industrial leaders. They are former Special Mission Unit operators and are experts at counter insurgency warfare. We created the Black Tusks to emulate various private military contractors in their discipline, focus and combat efficiency.

The enemy types that you will face with The Division 2 End game faction is as follows:

  • Assault: Trained military soldiers that will surround you.
  • Rusher: These will have flying suicidal drones which will explode upon reaching enemies.
  • Thrower: Will use an airburst grenade launcher.
  • Sniper: To take enemies out at longer ranges and a Taser drone equipment for their own protection.
  • Tank: As the name suggests, these enemies are heavily armored and will have a minigun.
  • Medic: To revive teammates with revive drones and the team like any other game.
  • Controller: Sits in control of a mini tank with has some heavy weapons like LMG, grenade launcher and a laser dazzler which can be used to blind enemies
  • War-hound: It’s a war machine which can be controlled from a long distance and comes with semi-auto rifle rechargeable rifle.

Don’t worry as you can take on these tough opponents by having access to new specializations which are total three. They are Survivalist, Sharpshooter, and Demolitionist and each one of them has its own skill tree for the players to unlock with a unique signature weapon.

You can check out the descriptions of these specialists by Ubisoft below.


Upon reaching level 30, Division Agents will be able to activate one of several specializations. Each one unlocks a unique signature weapon and additional skills that offer new ways to play.

  • Survivalist: Desperate times ask for desperate measures. Survivalists can control their surroundings using traps and status effects. They are equipped with a precision crossbow as their signature weapon to take their targets down, even in the harshest of environments
  • Demolitionist: Sometimes stealth is just not an option. Demolitionists are agents of chaos, focusing on disrupting enemy plans and entrenched positions using a grenade launcher as their signature weapon.
  • Sharpshooter: A Specialization for Agents looking at taking their targets out, without them ever realizing what hit them. Sharpshooters can change the tide of a battle from afar using a powerful sniper rifle as their signature weapon.

Massive Entertainment is working very hard towards the end game content and by looking at the revealed information we can say that the end-game grind will be a lot more interesting this time as compared to the first game in the Division series.

The Division 2 technical test is currently underway on PC and from March 1 to March 4 everyone will get a chance to try out the game through an open beta which is likely to feature some of the endgame content.

The official launch date of Division 2 is set for March 15, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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