The Division 2 Disrupt Public Execution Event Locations Guide

One of the Projects in The Division 2 requires you to stop a Public Execution which is an event involving a group of opponents planning to execute civilians. Disrupting these is necessary for completing certain Settlement Project objectives in Settlements and they reward you pretty well.

Learn everything about finding and completing Disrupt Public Execution with the help of our The Division 2 Public Execution Locations Guide.

The Division 2 Public Execution

To find the Public Execution Event, go to the White House are on the map. Some “?” on the map mark locations where events happen.

Public Execution Events spawn on the streets only, so go to it and when you come close enough, it will transform into a “Red Silhouette” with lines around the head.

Disrupting a Public Execution

Although you can try to save all the hostages, you only need to save one to succeed.

Once you open fire, the enemies are going to start to shoot at the hostages so you have to dispatch all the enemies before the hostages’ health bars empty out.

After saving a hostage, there will be another wave of enemies so be ready. Failure to save either hostage will result in defeat. You will then have two options i.e. explore other “?” event or wait a while for the event to respawn somewhere else.

If you want to save all the hostages, stock up on some good gear that will help you take out enemies quickly and efficiently since those hostages have very limited time.