How to Capture the Division 2 Control Points – Supply Room, Resource Nodes, Rewards

In The Division 2, Control Points are a great source of XP and loot once you control them. Control Points are a part of World Activities that require you to enter an enemy-controlled area, clear it out, and take over to complete Settlement Projects. Learn how to take over Control Points, access Supply Room, and claim the rewards inside.

How to Claim Control Points in The Division 2

Sneak into the area and start killing nearby enemies. Killing the Leader (marked by a yellow color) will open up the locale for the real takeover.

To initiate that, hold down the action-button that appears on-screen as a prompt to “Call for Backup”. You will then have some allies on site to kill the enemies.

More enemies will try to retake the Control Point so find cover and get ready to fight. Keep an eye out for a Minigun Turret to help you fend off the waves of enemies that show up.

When your allies show up, they will draw a significant amount of enemy attention away from you. This should allow you to take down enemies without worrying about darting between covers too much.

An armored enemy leader will need to be taken care of before killing all the remaining enemies and unlocking the Control Point. Use armor-piercing gadgets such as the Chemical Launcher to soften him up before taking him down.

Unlocking a Control Point also turns it into a Fast Travel point which makes getting across D.C less of a hassle. You can dump the necessary resources directly from here without having to walk all the way so consider it added incentive to unlock these.

How to Access Supply Rooms

After you have captured a Control Point, your A.I. buddy, ISAC, will notify you that the Supply Room has opened up. This room is filled with new items and loot for you to nab such as Weapons, Armor as well as the occasional Rare Materials.

Also, make sure to talk to the Head Officer of the Control Point. They will usually have three requests for resources and gear you are not using. When fulfilled, this should allow you to receive Detection Perk for 10 minutes.

If you have unlocked the Detection Perks, you can earn some bonus points for collecting these resources from a Control Point. You will need to hand over Water, Food, and Tools to do so.