Operation Dark Hours Difficulty For The Division 2 Console Players Being Reduced?

Operation Dark Hours difficulty for console players is being looked into and The Division 2 players on PS4 and Xbox One could get raid nerfs soon.

The Operation Dark Hours raid for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 went live on May 16th, 2019. After much anticipation and wait, The Division 2 players were finally able to take part in the game’s first raid ever.

However, many console players found themselves experiencing immense frustration when it came to completing the raid on consoles as compared to PC. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment has now said that they will be making tweaks to the Operation Dark Hours raid difficulty in The Division 2.

It has almost been a week since The Division 2’s first ever raid went live for all players. Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft announced that whoever should complete the raid first will be honored in a White House portrait in The Division 2.

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s official confirmation of the winners came yesterday. Right off the bat, many players criticized the raid for its difficulty. It seems that PC players had an edge over console players. It took three days for console players to complete the Operation Dark hours raid whereas it took PC players only five hours.

Of course, this is primarily due to the advantage of better aiming the keyboard and mouse provides. It is more difficult to aim using a controller’s analog sticks on the console. PC players also have the advantage of higher frame rates (60 FPS and above) whereas The Division 2 is locked at 30 FPS on consoles.

In a post on The Division subreddit, Ubisoft Massive representative Johan responded by saying the raid is “designed to be the toughest challenge yet in the history of the franchise.” He went on further to say that Operation Dark Hours raid is “built around the idea of a well-coordinated team with communications”.

He also addressed the criticism and said that:

raid difficulty is certainly feedback that we have been looking at since the release of Dark Hours, and it is not outside the realm of possibility that tweaks will be made moving forward.

The developers believe that in order to offer console players a better chance than PC players, simply downscaling Operation Dark hours’ difficulty will do the trick.

Even though the official response was mostly met with positivity from The Division 2 console players, other players argued that there is a difference between difficulty and frustration. They argued that simply downscaling the difficulty won’t solve other issues that should be focused on.

Of course, the Operation Dark Hours raid isn’t without problems. Just quite recently, it received criticism due to its lack of LFG matchmaking. According to Ubisoft, the developers are “working on it”.

So console players can look forward to decreased difficulty in the Operation Dark Hours raid. Another thing to look forward to is the possible addition of LFG matchmaking. It is likely Ubisoft will share an update regarding upcoming Division 2 changes at E3 2019 which is due Monday, June 10th at 13:00 PDT / 16:00 EDT / 21:00 BST.