The Division 2 4v4 Modes Explained – Capture The Flag and Last Man/Team Standing

The Division 2 is closing in on release so it is about time developers gave us a proper inside into what changes, improvements, and additions are made to the game. The Dark Zone trailer dropped earlier and it gave us plenty to talk about and discuss. Especially, the two new 4v4 game modes for The Division 2.

The Division 2 has two new game modes that weren’t present in the first game. The Division 2 brings Domination and Skirmish to the mix.

Both of these The Division 2 modes are 4v4 and offer a multiplayer experience suited for a game like this. The 4v4 modes will put The Division agents up against Rogue agents.

Domination: A 4v4 mode game for The Division 2 where the teams would need to capture points to win the game. Team with most captures is going to win at the end. Teams will battle to control three capture zones, stay in the zone with your team or perform special actions to earn points.

Skirmish: The Division 2’s Skirmish matches are also 4v4 where a full squad will face Rogue agents. The last team standing is going to win the match. Your main goal is to reduce the opposing team’s reinforcements to zero.

Both of these modes are organized PvP experiences. These new game modes are going to be set outside of the main story on maps that won’t be available anywhere else in The Division 2 multiplayer and Dark Zone.

Both of these PvP modes will grand players special rewards that can be used in the Dark Zone as well as the open world. Tons of loot can be earned from these modes and the Dark Zone itself. There are three different Dark Zones in The Division 2.

Each of The Division 2 Dark Zone is set within a different location in Washington D.C. The Rogue protocol is seeing some new changes as there are more ways to go Rogue this time around.

You can go Rogue in The Division 2 by just breaking into a locked supply crate. This is an odd way to go Rogue as no one is going to claim the stuff you steal, the society collapsed, right?

But there are incentives to stealing and going Rogue. A thief will be able to track a hidden single leading him to the Thief’s den. Here, players can find a special vendor and have their Rogue status cleaned.

The Division 2 is releasing on March 15, 2019, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Pick a PC copy from uPlay or Epic Games Store.

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