How To Fill The TP Gauge In The DioField Chronicle

Summoning is one of the central features of The DioField Chronicle. You have the option to summon different creatures to fight for you and you will unlock new and stronger creatures to fight for you as you progress.

They are like an ultimate or special ability that you must charge with your TP Guage for use. Considering how powerful they are, you will only be using them for the most crucial moments in battle.

This guide will help you understand and learn how to fill your TP gauge in The DioField Chronicle.

How to collect Blue Jade Fragments for TP gauge

For summoning, what you need is a full TP Gauge. To fill your TP Gauge, which is found on the right-hand lower corner of your screen, you need to defeat enemies in combat. When defeated, these enemies have a chance to drop a Blue Jade Fragment. These Blue Jade Fragments are what you need to fill up your TP Gauge.

Each fragment fills up your TP gauge partially, and when you have collected enough of these, one of the three circles of your TYP Gauge will light up. As there are three circles, that means that you can fill up three bars of your TP Gauge for summoning in The DioField Chronicle. You need to keep on collecting any Blue Jade Fragments that you find to completely fill up your TP Gauge.

After you have filled up your TP Gauge, either one circle or all three, you can then use the TP to summon a creature. The first creature that you start with in the game is Mahamut, and to summon Bahamut, you need to have one TP gauge circle fulfilled.

Now, not all beasts use up one TP gauge circle. Different creatures have different requirements. Some require one circle, some require two, and you need all three TP Gauge circles filled to summon the late-game creatures.

Remember that you will need Jade Crystals to upgrade your Magilumic Orbs in order to improve your summons.

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