How To Unlock And Upgrade Skills In The DioField Chronicle

Skills in Diofield Chronicles are essential when taking on opponents stronger than you in the game. Depending on your weapon’s class, you will have a certain skill tree available to you. This guide will cover on how to unlock the Skill Tree and what you need to upgrade skills in The DioField Chronicle.

How to unlock the skill tree in The DioField Chronicle

To unlock the Skill Tree in The DioField Chronicle, you will have complete the quest “The Noble’s Arrival” which you will encounter in the early parts of the game in Chapter 1.

Once you have completed that quest line, you will have your Skill Tree unlocked.

Now depending on the weapon class, you use there are four types of Skill Trees

  • Cavalier
  • Soldier
  • Magicker
  • Sharpshooter

How to earn skill points

To earn SP in the game, you simply need to play the main questline which will reward you with a handful of skill points that you can invest.

You will need to focus on the side objectives as well that you will find in a questline. They sometimes tend to reward you with an SP every now and then.

How to upgrade skill points

To upgrade your acquired SP in a skill tree, you simply need to head into one of the safe zones within the game. From there, you can upgrade the skills you have acquired from your recently completed questlines.

How to respec skills

If you have accidentally invested in a certain skill that you do not want to use, you can Respec however for a little bit of a Fee.

Once in a Skill Tree menu, you will press G if you are on PC or press the Square Button if you are on PS.

You will then receive a popup message of the Resetting your skill points for 10000 Guld. You will then reset the entirety of the Skill Tree and will need to invest your skills all over again

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