How To Use Jade Crystals In The DioField Chronicle

There are numerous consumables and items that you will need to gather to aid your mercenary band make their way across the war-torn lands of The DioField Chronicle.

Jade Crystals are one such item. They may seem like just another shiny gem that you can sell for some gold but in reality, are far more important than just profits.

The following guide will explain what Jade Crystals are, how you can use them, and how you can find more of them in The DioField Chronicles.

What are Jade Crystals used for in The DioField Chronicle?

Jade Crystals are rare items that you can hope to find in The DioField Chronicle. They are used to upgrade Magilumic Orbs to improve the various creatures you summon on the battlefield.

One of your endgame goals will be to summon the most powerful creatures to wreak havoc on your enemies. That translates into finding as many Jade Crystals as possible to upgrade all of your summons.

Do note that all summoned creatures vary in stats and strength, meaning that reach requires a different number of Jade Crystals to upgrade. For Magilumic Orbs, you will need to first check the summon and its attached Jade Crystal and Gold cost.

How to get Jade Crystals in The DioField Chronicle

Jade Crystals are rare and not so easily found in The DioField Chronicle. These are only found after Chapter 2 when you are introduced to the institution in your base where you can upgrade your Magilumic Orbs.

After this, you will find Jade Crystals in the chests that are spread around in your missions. Order your units to search the chests and they have a chance of finding a Jade Crystal in any of the chests. This is the most straightforward method of getting Jade Crystals without going out of your way. You might need to explore a little more to find the chests, but it is worth it.

Keep in mind that though you might find these crystals, they are only added to your inventory after you have successfully completed the quest or mission in which you found them. If you forfeit the mission or fail, you will not get these crystals. This also incentivizes players to complete more side quests while progressing, as it increases your chances of finding Jade Crystals.

Another way to get Jade Crystals is by completing the optional objectives of the mission that you are doing. Every main mission and side quest has a list of a few optional objectives that you can complete, and many of these optional objectives have Jade Crystals as a reward. If you are finding it difficult to complete these side objectives, you can always lower the difficulty to make things easier for you.

Lastly, if you don’t mind spending a lot of gold, you can always purchase Jade Crystals. To do this, you first need to upgrade your shop to Level 5.

New items are added for sale when you upgrade the shop, and when you reach shop level 5, you will unlock Jade Crystals as merchandise in your shop. This is the most convenient way of getting Jade Crystals if you don’t mind paying the hefty price of 30,000 gold per Jade Crystals. Yes, they are very expensive in the shop.

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