How To Restore HP In The DioField Chronicle

Healing your characters on the battlefield is an important gameplay mechanic to learn in The DioField Chronicle. Keeping track of...

Healing your characters on the battlefield is an important gameplay mechanic to learn in The DioField Chronicle.

Keeping track of your unit’s health is essential in winning any battle big or small. Mindlessly attacking without caring for your characters’ health points is a fast way to perish in-game.

In this guide, we will cover all the methods to restore HP in DioField Chronicles.

How to heal in The DioField Chronicle

There are multiple ways of healing your characters in the game. You can either use consumable items or have a passive skill that can restore heal points of your units. Following are all the methods to restore your character’s HP in DioField Chronicles:


Like many RPGs, potions also play an essential role in this game. You can equip two different portions in DioField Chronicles. Each can only be used once. Portions that can restore HP and EP are available to buy from the shop. You can get your hands on the healing portion by spending some currency.

Green Jade Fragments

Green Jade Fragment is an item that drops for free. Picking it up will restore your unit’s health points. However, they don’t drop all the time. Therefore, Green Jade Fragments are too inconsistent to rely solely upon for healing your units. But there is a solution to this issue.

You can equip a skill for 10 ability points known as “Physical Protection” that will grant your units 100% Green Jade Fragment drop rates.

Passive Abilities

You can also use units will passive abilities that can heal your party. These characters come in handy if you run out of healing portions and can’t find any Green Jade Fragment.

One of the most used characters for this purpose is Izelair. They have an ability called Rude Health that replenishes 1% of HP every 3 seconds. This percentage can be increased by upgrading the skill.

Magicker Units

These are the class of units that specialize in healing. They can heal the rest of your party while they fight off the enemies. Protecting these units is key in winning battles as without them you are at a great disadvantage.

Magilumic Orbs

Once you unlock Magicker units, you will receive a side quest. This side quest is called The Chains that Bind. Completing this will reward you will a Magilumic Orb. This item is ideal for healing. You would need to fill your TP meter two times for the Magilumic Orb to heal your party.

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