Best Skills For Each Class In The DioField Chronicle

This guide will help you figure that out by explaining the best skills for each class in The DioField Chronicle.

The DioField Chronicle comes with a number of different abilities for each class, some of which are the absolute best while others are simply there to fill out the slots. You’d want the best skills for each class equipped for peak performance. This guide will help you figure that out by explaining the best skills for each class in DioField Chronicle.

Whether you choose the Soldier, Cavalier, Magicker, or Archer classes in The DioField Chronicle, we have you covered and will explain the best skills for each. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Cavalier class skills

When it comes to the Cavalier class in The DioField Chronicle, there are two types of skills on hand, the Lance skills, and the Claw skills. The best skills of both types will be listed here.

Best Lance skills

Full Frontal Assault
It is a frontal attack that inflicts damage on the first enemy that stands in its path.

The attack comes with great mobility and you only need to maneuver a bit to hit a specific target. It also has a low EP cost and can hit multiple enemies at once.

The best part is that you can upgrade this skill to reduce its cooldown and expand its range.

Vicious Swing
This is yet another useful skill for Cavalier (Lance). It can deal damage to enemies in the target area and move them in front of the unit.

This skill grants you excellent crowd control, which you can use to wreak havoc on a horde of enemies with AOE attacks. It can also be upgraded to lower the EP cost and add Delay debuff.

Best Claw skills

Wings of the Storm
This has the potential to draw enemies in the target area towards the center and inflict significant damage.

This skill, like Vicious Swing, provides excellent crowd control and aids to rain down AOE on enemies.

Flame Assault
In this attack, you move to specific points and set fire to the ground to deal damage to enemies in your path.

This skill allows you to hit multiple targets at once and has excellent mobility. You can also upgrade this skill to extend the duration of the burn.

Soldier class skills

Soldier class has to offer Dagger, Sword & Shield, and Axe Skills, with the best of them, covered in the following section.

Best Dagger skills

It is used to inflict heavy damage on enemies, and if you manage to knock an enemy out with it, the cooldown is reduced to 0.

This skill has a low EP cost and can be upgraded to reduce the cost even further.

Shadow Step
This ability allows you to sneak up behind enemies and deal damage.

The skill has a low EP cost and deals extra damage to enemies with a status effect. It also has good mobility, which ensures Ambush damage.

Best Sword and Shield skills

Shield Bash
It inflicts damage on an opponent while also immobilizing them.

This skill is extremely useful because it interrupts enemy skills and renders the enemy immobile for a short period of time. It can be upgraded to add the Wither debuff and reduce the cooldown.

Roundhouse Slash
This ability inflicts Provoke on enemies as well as dealing damage to them.

This skill is perfect for a Tank build and has a low EP cost. This is quite effective, and you can upgrade it to enhance it even more.

Best Axe skills

Axe of Grace
This skill inflicts Provoke, deals damage to enemies, and recovers HP based on the amount of damage dealt.

It improves your chances of survival and is destructive when used in Ambush.

Heavy Smash
This first deals damage to the enemy in its hitting zone before moving on to a specific enemy.

This provides excellent mobility and can deal damage to multiple enemies at once, justifying the EP cost.

Archer class skills

The DioField Chronicle Archer class has a variety of Bow Skills and Firearm Skills. We’ll go over the best skills for both in this section.

Best Bow skills

Stun Shot
This skill, as the name implies, is used to stun enemies.

It is a rather straightforward and easy-to-use skill that can be upgraded to improve it further.

Trap Caster
This skill is used to set up a tripwire trap. When an enemy is caught in it, the damage increases as the cooldown timer counts down.

Given the damage this skill deals over time, it comes at a reasonable EP cost, so it is listed among the best skills.

Best Firearm skills

It deals damage to the enemies in its target area and the best part is that the greater the number of enemies in the area of effect, the more intense the damage.

This skill comes in handy to deal with a mob of enemies with great ease.

Chain Shot
This skill fires a shot that ricochets from one enemy to the next in the target area, inflicting Weakness.

It is useful for dealing damage to several enemies while also providing debuffs such as Weakness and Wither.

Magicker class skills

In the Magicker class, there are the Staff Skills and the Wand Skills. Here, we have covered the best skills for both.

Best Staff skills

Frostbind has the ability to cause Freeze on its target.

This provides effective crowd control while also canceling all incoming damage. Furthermore, all of this comes at a low EP cost.

This forms a circle, gradually healing all allies within it.

This ability is extremely useful because it can heal all allies at the same time. You can upgrade this skill to add a Tenacity buff and increase the amount of heal.

Best Wand skills

Meteor Fall
This skill showers meteors on enemies, dealing damage at regular intervals.

It covers a large area, resulting in more enemies being damaged. You can level up this skill to gain an additional Burn Status effect.

The heals skill has the ability to restore at most 50% of the max health of a given target.

Although it has a high EP cost, the perks it provides make up for it. This skill has a quick cooldown that can be reduced further by upgrading the skill.

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