The Cycle: Frontier What A Tool! Quest Guide

Korolev Industries offers you Heavy Mining Tools for purchasing, however, you need to run some errands for them before you qualify as a customer for some reason. This guide will help you complete the “What a Tool!” quest in The Cycle: Frontier and help Korolev Industries.

The Cycle: Frontier What A Tool! Quest

What a Tool! Part 1

The first order you have to fulfill for Korolev Heavy Industries is getting them some raw materials. You need to go out and get 10 Altered Nickel and 7 Cloudy Veltecite.

Altered Nickel and Cloudy Veltecite are both found near bodies of water. You can look for them in the southern part of the Bright Sands Map, around the Swamps, or around the Green’s Prospect on the Crescent Falls map.

For part 1, you get 130 FP, 10 Grenades, 2 Korolev Scrip and 5800 Krypto Marks.

What a Tool! Part 2

Next, you need to start collecting parts for your new mining tool. You need to provide these to Korolev Heavy Industries. You need to deliver 10 Compound Sheets and 5 Ball Bearings.

To get both of these, you need to loot as many industrial crates as you can. You can also find ball bearings in dumpsters; however, it is much easier to farm industrial crates for Compound Sheets and Ball Bearings.

For Part 2, you get 130 FP, 2 Korolev Scrip and 5800 Krypto Marks.

What a Tool! Part 3

You are to show the Korolev heavy Industries if you are worthy of using their equipment. They will give you one of their weapons and you have to hunt down rattlers using that weapon. You need to kill 10 rattlers with a Korolev Weapon.

Rattlers are found all around the map, however only the Rattlers killed using a Korolev weapon count. You can use the KM-9 Scrapper, PKR Maelstrom, KBR Longshot, KOR-47 or Hammer to get the kills so that they count towards your objective.

For Part 3, you get 160 FP, 3 Korolev Scrip and 5300 Krypto Marks.

What a Tool! Part 4

You need to move some parts for Korolev Industry. Stash 3 Alloys and 2 Hydraulic Pistons in the Swamp Camp Root Dead drop.

You can collect these from Industrial Crates as well. Collect the items that you need and then drop them in the mentioned dead drop. Once you drop them, click deposit to get done with part 4 of the quest.

For Part 4, you get 160 FO, 3 Korolev Scrip and 6400 Krypto Marks.

What a Tool! Part 5

The prototype for the mining tool was successful, but Korolev needs stronger material for an actual tool so that it can be used in the field. You need to Deliver 3 Titan ore, 5 Cables and 3 Resin Guns.

You can find Titan ore in almost every cave in The Cycle: Frontier.

For Cables, you need to loot cabinets and Luggage all around the map. Similarly for Resin Guns, loot Coolers and Civilian Lockers.

For Part 5, you get 200 FP,4 Korolev Scrip, 7000 Krypto Marks and 1 heavy Mining Tool.

Final Rewards

Once you have completed the quest, you will get a Heavy Mining Tool, once you get after Part 5. Along with this, you will have the option to purchase additional Heavy Mining Tools from Korolev Industries.

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