The Cycle: Frontier Veltecite For The Masses Quest Guide

You’ll come across the “Veltecite for The Masses” quest in The Cycle: Frontier, where you’ll have to gather a few parts and help Korolev build a Veltecite Scanning Module. You are going to help Korolev build this super convenient scanning module because Veltecite is used to power all sorts of engines in the Prospect Station, and being able to easily spot and farm it will be a big help.

In this guide, we will take you through the complete Veltecite for the Masses quest in The Cycle: Frontier and explain how to complete the task efficiently.

The Cycle: Frontier Veltecite for The Masses

You must gather a few things and then deliver them to Korolev, at the Prospect Station to complete the quest and acquire the Veltecite Scanning Module.

Start by collecting (3) Clear Veltecites from different Veltecite Veins around water bodies and if you are having trouble finding them, use a Modded Mineral Scanner.

Then, gather some (5) Optic Glasses that can be seen scattered around random cabinets and other places. It shouldn’t be difficult to find around the map as it’s a very common item.

Lastly, you need to gather (5) Circuit Boards which can be easily found on desks, cabinets, and racks and have permanent spawn locations around different tech-focused POIs.

Veltecite for The Masses Quest Rewards

Once you collect all of these items, you’ll be rewarded with the following:

  • 130 FP
  • 2 Korolev Scrip
  • 5800 Krypto Marks

And upon delivering these materials to Korolev, the quest will be completed, and you’ll receive the Veltecite Scanning Module.

This quest was fairly simple, and we hope this guide helps iron out any confusions you had.

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