How To Get Twitch Drops In The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier entered pre-season a few days ago which will pave the way for the full launch in the next couple of weeks.

The science-fiction PvPvE shooter will be using this time to promote itself and attract as many players as possible before the start of the season. One of those ways will be through Twitch Drops to gain traction and engagement.

Those interested in The Cycle: Frontier hence have a chance of bagging some new armor and weapons, including legendary gear, in time for the new season.

Do note that since the end of the beta, there will be no more server wipes. Any progress that you make now will be saved and carried forward when the new season begins. That includes new items gained through Twitch Drops.

The following guide will point out the schedule of Twitch Drops and explain how you can take advantage of the promotional campaign in The Cycle: Frontier.

How Does The Cycle: Frontier Twitch Drops Work?

For those unaware, Twitch Drops are a kind of community-powered system to grant in-game rewards through their live streams. If a streamer is playing a game live and has enabled Twitch Drops, you can watch their stream to receive those in-game rewards at no charge.

In the case of The Cycle: Frontier, if you are interested in its Twitch Drops, you must first register yourself on The Cycle: Frontier website. The registration process will guide you through linking both of your gaming (Steam/Epic Games Store) and Twitch accounts together.

Once successfully registered and linked, you must note down the days when The Cycle: Frontier will enable Twitch Drops. There is a whole schedule (below) that points out which types of streamers will be able to enable Twitch Drops on which days.

On days when Twitch Drops are enabled, you can look forward to earning up to six rewards during a span of 18 hours. That totals up to 66 rewards you can receive during the course of the event to use in the first season.

You only need to spend time watching Twitch Drops-enabled streams. Make sure that you are not watching the wrong streams otherwise, you will receive no rewards.

Finally, you are pretty much guaranteed a legendary drop if you get every single drop throughout the season.

Twitch Drops Schedule

The following is a schedule of when Twitch Drops will be enabled for The Cycle: Frontier. That schedule also includes the kind of streamers who will be given access.

June 23rd – June 25th: On these days, everyone will be able to stream with Twitch Drops.

June 25th – June 28th: On these days, only partnered streamers will be allowed to stream with Twitch Drops.

June 28th – June 29th: On these days, affiliates from smaller community channels will be allowed to stream with Twitch Drops.

June 29th – July 2nd: On these days, the best and most favorite partnered streamers from the beta will be allowed to stream with Twitch Drops.

July 2nd – July 4th: On these days, everyone will be able to stream with Twitch Drops.

Twitch Drops Not Working

You need to hold your horses because The Cycle: Frontier will not enable Twitch Drops until the first season begins. This has been confirmed by developer-and-publisher Yager.

The Cycle: Frontier will officially roll out its debut season on June 22 and enable Twitch Drops a day later as pointed out in the aforementioned schedule. Hence, you should not fret right now that your Twitch Drops are not working.

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