The Cycle: Frontier Pure Veltecite Farming Location

Pure Veltecite is an epic shard that can be mined from Veltecite Veins found in The Cycle: Frontier.

It is important to understand that there are several types of Veltecites in the game such as Flawed, Cloudy, and Clear Veltecites. They all differ in loot rarity tiers and can all be mined from the same mineral veins, Pure Veltecite included.

The type you get from mining depends on the percentage chance attached to each Veltecite type.

Pure Veltecite is extremely rare to come across and hence, is extremely expensive. You can earn 1,922 K-Marks from selling them. You can also earn 19 faction points with the Korolev faction if you want.

You will also need Pure Veltecites to print the legendary NV Helmet that enables you to see in dark areas.

The following guide will show you where to farm Pure Veltecite in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Pure Veltecite Location

Veltecite Veins are mostly located around Waterfalls. You can bring along a Mineral Scanner if you want to help track down mineral veins.

That being said, your best chance of finding Pure Veltecite is to find a common Veltecite Vein during a storm. That will give you a 4.23% chance.

Other than the mineral veins, you can also find Pure Veltecite inside Industrial Crates but with a 1% chance on average.

Bright Sands Pure Veltecite Locations

You can begin mining by heading to the Waterfall Lab in the north and then making your way to the coastal area above. There are a number of mineral veins here to mine.

You can then follow the river south to the Eastern Caverns which have a ton of mineral veins. Once you are finished there, keep going south after crossing the Vaccine Labs. The rocky area here is rich in Veltecite Veins.

Following that, you should head to the river in the north past the Science Campus. Just follow the coast to come across Veltecite Veins. Do the same for the river stream of the Water Facility and the Swamp Camp.

The marked locations on the map below are the best farming spots for Pure Veltecite on Bright Sands.

Pure Veltecite Crescent Falls Locations

Make your way around the Jungle Thermal Ponds. Once you reach Jungle Thermal Ponds, then it is very easy to find a lot of opportunities for farming this item by going towards Pumplin Fields, Starport, and Lakeside Building.

The marked locations on the map below are the best farming spots for Pure Veltecite on Crescent Falls.

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