The Cycle: Frontier Private Business Quest Guide

The “Private Business” questline involves a lot of killing in The Cycle: Frontier but you can expect a worthy reward at the end.

You can start the quest by speaking with Marie Gilbert, the chief procurement officer of the ICA faction. This quest will be one of many ways to help you earn faction points to level up factions in the game.

The Cycle: Frontier Private Business Quest

Private Business Quest Part 1

In the first part of the quest, you must use a pistol to eliminate 6x Prospectors on the map. You can use pistols such as the K-28, the Scarab, and the Hammer.


  • 1,200 FP
  • 48x ICA Scrip
  • 3,000 K-Marks

Private Business Quest Part 2

You will be doing more killing in the second part of the quest. You must head over to three locations on Bright Sands to eliminate Creatures with any weapon.

You must hunt down 15x Creatures at Base Camp, 20x Creatures at Power Plant, and another 20x Creatures at Water Facility.  All three locations are marked on your map as named POIs.


  • 1,500 FP
  • 64 ICA SCRIP
  • 14,000 K-Marks

Private Business Quest Part 3

The third and final part of the questline pits you against Marauders, deadly lizard-like alien creatures.

You must deliver 5x Hardened Bone Plates and 10x Charged Spinal Bases at the marked location on the map.

Hardened Bone Plates can only be looted from dead Marauders. Charged Spinal Bases similarly need to be looted from Dead Striders but during a storm. Hence, you will have to wait for a storm to come in order to loot enough Striders to complete this quest.

Remember that a storm only lasts for a few minutes. You will need to be quick.


  • 1,500 FP
  • 64x ICA SCRIP
  • 17,000x K-Marks

Private Business Quest Rewards

Completing the questline will earn you 1x Epic Shield as a reward. It will boost your armor amount to 26 and your durability to 900.

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