The Cycle: Frontier Portable Lab Location

The Portable Lab allows you to create a lab anywhere, anytime in The Cycle: Frontier.

It is a fairly expensive item with a K-Mark value of 3,845 if you’re looking to sell and a shop price of 7,700 if you’re looking to buy.

Portable Labs also take a toll on your inventory. They have an item weight of 15 that balloons when you are carrying 10x Portable Labs per stack.

Most importantly, each Portable Lab grants 38 faction points. They are hence one of the many ways of leveling up factions.

The following guide will show you all of the locations to find Portable Labs in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Portable Lab Location

Take note that Portable Labs can be found in medical areas; and inside cabinets, luggage, and briefcases. They are most abundant in Tier 4 and Tier 5 areas that contain high-level enemies.

Bright Sands Portable Lab Locations

Since the Portable Lab is an item of epic rarity, it is less commonly available on the starting zones of the Bright Sands map.

There is a small chance of getting it from around the eastern area of Base Camp which is located in the center of the map. There is also a small chance that you can find a Portable Lab southeast of the Comms Tower.

The location where you have the highest chance of obtaining a Portable Lab on Bright Sands is the area between the Jungle and Crashed Ship POIs, in the top left corner of the map.

Below we have a map image of Bright Sands with all locations marked where you can find the Portable Lab.

Crescent Falls Portable Lab Locations

Crescent Falls is a better map to search for Portable Labs in The Cycle: Frontier as it spawns Epic rarity loot more commonly than Bright Sands. There are various locations around Crescent Falls where you can look for Portable Labs.

The area with the best chance of spawning a Portable Lab is around Greens Prospect and Base Camp Power Up Room POIs. Here you will have a really high chance of obtaining a Portable Lab.

Below we have map images marked with the locations where you can find Portable Labs on the Crescent Falls map.

How To Print/Craft Portable Lab

You will need 7,700 K-Marks and the following items to print/craft a Portable Lab at the Prospect Station:

  • 8x Polymetallic Prefabricates
  • 5x Magnetic Field Stabilizers
  • 2x Interactive Screens
  • 2x Biological Samplers

The printing process will take 15 minutes for 1x Portable Lab.

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