The Cycle: Frontier Best Route to Pinnacle Labs

The Pinnacle Labs is an amazing location to find loot in The Cycle Frontier, but reaching this area can be a very dangerous task; especially if you’re a newer player.

In this guide, we’ll be showing you the best route to Pinnacle Labs in The Cycle Frontier. This route will help you avoid all the dangerous mobs as you travel to the Pinnacle Labs, so you’ll be able to quickly and safely reach this area to collect its loot.

How to Get to Pinnacle Labs Easily in The Cycle: Frontier

For this route, you have to start at the location marked in the map image above. Once you’re at this location, jump on top of the small house there and then look towards the north.

Jump on top of the rock in front of you and then climb the hill. Now, face towards 75 (look at the compass at the top of the screen) and then hug the cliff edge to the right. Start running forward as you’re hugging the wall to the right.

Right before you reach the grassy bridge, you can take a little detour up the rocks to your right. This will give you a safe space to replenish your stamina without getting attacked by mobs. At this point on the route, you should be here on the map:

The Cycle Frontier Best Route to Pinnacle Labs

Once your stamina is replenished, go back down and continue running forward while hugging the right. After passing under the grassy bridge, continue hugging the right. You’ll start going up the hill. Continue going upwards while hugging the wall to the right and you’ll eventually reach the Pinnacle Labs.

At this point, you’ll have a bunch of mobs chasing you. To make the mobs lose agro, go up to the lab, jump into the water in the center and then jump up to the other side. The mobs will stop chasing you.

An important thing to keep in mind is that stamina management is very important for this route. As you’re going down the route, you’ll need to periodically climb up on the hills/rocks so you can replenish stamina.

If you manage your stamina properly, this route will allow you to reach the Pinnacle Labs without having to fight even a single mob on your way there.

Pinnacle Labs Loot

Now that you’re at the Pinnacle Labs, it’s time to start looting. Start off by looting the Containers and Hidden Stashes under the structure.

After that, go up the stairs at the edge of the structure. If you’re still being chased by some monsters, then climb to the top of the lab and start shooting them from there. They won’t be able to reach you.

Once the coast is clear, loot all of the Containers lying around on the catwalk. After looting all of the Containers outside, open the eastern door by pressing the button and walk in.

There isn’t that much loot in this section of the lab, so it’s best to get it out of the way first. You’ll find only a few containers inside.

After you’ve looted this section, exit it through the same door and then enter the section opposite this one. You’ll find way more loot in this section of the lab.

You’ll find several coolers, boxes, briefcases, cabinets and medical cases to loot. Make sure to scan every nook and cranny of the area to find all of the hidden containers.

Once you’re satisfied with all the loot you’ve collected from the Pinnacle Labs, simply head down the same route you came from to leave this area safely.