How to Mine Nodes Faster in The Cycle: Frontier

Resource hunting is one of the integral parts of The Cycle: Frontier. Mining for various resource nodes is what every player needs to do in The Cycle: Frontier, however, the process of mining is often tedious as nodes of the different metals are difficult to find and farm easily.

This guide will help you find and mine nodes of the different metals in The Cycle: Frontier as well as give tips on increasing your farming speed.

How to Mine Nodes Faster in The Cycle: Frontier

Ores are crucial in every crafting game, and The Cycle: Frontier is no different. Farming nodes in The Cycle: Frontier is crucial but a taxing thing to do as it takes up a lot of time to mine the nodes spread all around the world.

To increase your node farming, you can follow this simple trick.

Don’t bother breaking the entire node to get all the ore inside of it. Whenever you see the first ore, you will be able to press F to get other ores as well which are not yet completely visible. Instead of further mining the node, get these and you will quickly drain the node and move on to the next.

Next, we recommend that you try to unearth the colored ore inside the node first. This allows you to easily reveal all the remaining ore in the node that you can then easily pick up.

These tricks allow you to completely drain a node with only a few hits from your pick instead of having to break the entire node to get the ores.

Ore Locations

Different Ore types are spread around different areas of the map on both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls.

Focus Ore is found to be more abundant in the Jungle and the areas around the Jungle and Crashed Ship, making it the go-to spot for farming Focus ores.

Veltecite is found more abundantly in Waterfalls and the Swamp Camp area of the map. The best place for Veltecite is around Waterfalls. Smaller deposits are also found west of Lagoon.

Nickel and Titan are rare and dispersed scarcely all over the map.

Nickel is found to the east of Base Camp, around Rock Pools and in the northern area of the map, ranging from the Jungle to the Abandoned Mine.

Titan is only found in a small patch between Woodcutter’s Camp and East Collection Point. This area is the only worthwhile area to farm Titan. Small deposits for Titan are found west of Base Camp, south of Dig Site and in Crashed Ship, but these are too small to be an effective farming spot. Just use them if you randomly come across them on your journey

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