The Cycle: Frontier Jewelry Locations

Jewelry is a rare resource without any printing value, meaning that you will not be using it to print any...

Jewelry is a rare resource without any printing value, meaning that you will not be using it to print any item in The Cycle: Frontier. The only reason you will be holding on to Jewelry is to sell them for some quick monetary benefits.

Each piece of Jewellery will net you 1,013 K-Marks when sold in addition to 10 faction points to help level up factions.

Furthermore, you will need Jewellery to upgrade the K-Marks generator in your personal quarters.

The following guide will help highlight all of the locations from where to find Jewelry in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Jewellery Locations

Jewelry can only be found in safes, briefcases, luggage, and jackets. The highest chance of finding Jewellery is in jackets with luggage having the lowest probability of containing them.

Take note that you have between an 18.75 – 20.25% chance of finding Jewelry in jackets scattered across Tier 3 and Tier 5 areas.

Also, if you’re looking to go on a grind, Crescent Falls has more Jewelry than Bright Sands.

Bright Sands Jewelry Locations

The Base Camp in the middle of the map is a good starting point for finding Jewelry. You can head west from there to the Comms Tower. The area outside of the Crashed Ship above the Comms Tower has a few Jewelry as well. If you are there, head to the western border of the Jungle Camp to pick up some more Jewelry.

Crescent Falls Jewelry Locations

Once again, you can start in the middle at Greens Prospect to begin collecting Jewelry. Head north from there to find an abundance of Jewelry in the forest areas.

The Starport Warehouse and Starport Admin to the east are excellent locations to farm a large yield of Jewelry. Favela all the way to the south is another excellent location.

There are other areas as well and as you must have noticed, Crescent Falls is rich in Jewelry compared to Bright Sands. You can actually dedicate a whole day to circle around the borders of Crescent Falls to pick up all of the Jewelry before heading towards the center and surrounding named POIs.

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