The Cycle: Frontier Gear Printer Guide

You will be spending a lot of time farming resources to print (craft) items in The Cycle: Frontier. But to print items, you will need the Gear Printer. This The Cycle: Frontier Gear Printer guide will cover where to find this crafting machine and how to use it efficiently.

Where to Find Gear Printer in The Cycle: Frontier

The Gear Printer is introduced early in the game in Badum’s Questline. It will then be available behind the Fortuna Pass stall, to the right of the Launch Terminal.

This is a public gear printer, and any player can use it without having to pay any fee.

How to Use Gear Printer in The Cycle: Frontier

Just like every other survival game, crafting is the most important thing there is to do in The Cycle: Frontier. To craft and survive the harsh lands, you will need a lot of resources, and harvesting those is the major goal of the game.

The Gear Printer acts as a crafting station and has two options for players. The Printing option lets them make new items while the Repairing option allows them to repair the current gear and keep it in top-notch shape.

Simply approach the Gear Printer on Fortuna and interact with it to open the crafting menu.


Naturally, as you progress into the game, you need better gear. You will start off by printing your new gear. But to do that, you need to first have the Printing Recipe for it. After getting the recipe, you will be able to print items of every rarity, depending on the recipes you found.

Printing requires quite a few resources. Once you pick an item to print, it will start printing some timer on it for completion.  You can use Aurum to speed up the crafting process and end the timer quickly if you are in a rush. However, it is best to save that precious Aurum for better and smarter investments.


Another use of the Gear Printer is repairing. You can restore gear condition to 100 percent by giving up a small number of resources. The repair tab only becomes available to you if you travel to Fortuna III and make it back alive.

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