The Cycle: Frontier Everything Is Crystals Quest Guide

The “Everything is Crystals” questline will task you to perform mining duties in some fairly dangerous areas of The Cycle: Frontier.

You can start the quest by speaking with Emmanuel Sullivan, the chief and lead researcher of the Osiris faction. You can hence expect to raise your standing with Osiris by completing this quest.

The Cycle: Frontier Everything Is Crystals Quest

Everything Is Crystals Quest Part 1

You must complete two tasks to finish this part of the quest: deliver 5x Pure Veltecite and 10x Clear Veltecite.

Veltecite Veins, which may be discovered around Waterfalls or water in general, can be mined for both Pure and Clear Veltecite. The Modded Mineral Scanner can assist you in locating the nodes.


  • 930 FP
  • 35 Osiris Scrip
  • 14,000 K-Marks

Everything Is Crystals Quest Part 2

You must deliver three items for this part: 2x Portable Labs, 5x Focus Crystals, and 8x Sample Containers.

Briefcases and Medical Areas both have Portable Labs. It’s also possible that it’ll spawn in Cabinets, so make sure you loot them. Reasonably, it should have a somewhat greater spawn rate on Crescent Falls. However, may be located in the north section of Bright Sands, such as the Crashed Ship.

Sample Containers may be found in Civilian Lockers and Coolers. They may also be found in Medical Areas like the Waterfall Lab as a static spawn.

Focus Veins may be mined for Focus Crystals. The Veins are easily distinguished by their blue/green flashes. The Focus Crystals are blue in tone and are one of the most valuable minerals in the game.

The mission may appear straightforward, but the minerals are hidden in the harshest locations on both maps. They are the game’s most costly minerals.

While Bright Sands has mining nodes for Focus Crystals, Crescent Falls has a far higher concentration of these materials. On Bright Sands, keep an eye out for nodes towards the north of the map, near the Jungle, whereas on Crescent Falls, nodes are most abundant in the Oasis.


  • 930 FP
  • 35 Osiris Scrip
  • 14,000 K-Marks

Everything Is Crystals Quest Part 3

You must visit Pinnacle Labs in Crescent Falls to accomplish the third phase of the quest. Pinnacle Labs is located in Crescent Falls’ northeast corner. You must kill 25x Creatures in that location and collect 3x Pure Focus Crystals in the Dead Drop.


  • 1,200 FP
  • 48 Osiris SCRIP
  • 15,000 K-Marks

Everything Is Crystals Quest Rewards

When you finally complete the questline, you will be rewarded with 2x Portable Labs and 1x Gyroscope.

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