The Cycle: Frontier Data Drives Locations

There are plenty of resources around the world of The Cycle: Frontier, each of which serves its beneficial purpose. Like many items, Data Drives in The Cycle: Frontier are an important resource required to be picked up and used in different quests. Moreover, they can also become one of the major ways players earn Krypto Marks.

Finding them can be a little hard but worry no more! In this Cycle: Frontier guide, we’ll cover the locations where you can find Data Drives and how you can upgrade them. So without further ado, let’s begin.

The Cycle: Frontier Data Drives Locations

Data Drives are one of the many items you will be required to pick up; however you can’t use them in their found state. Instead, you will need to upgrade them, or else they will be pretty worthless.

After a lot of searching on the planet’s surface, we’ve found two main ways players can get their hands on the Data Drives. The first way to get to the Data Drives is by simply heading to the ICA Faction Store and purchasing them.

And the second way to get Data Drives is to explore the maps and open every briefcase, cabinet, and safe to find them inside. Regardless of how you choose to acquire them, you are required to upgrade them.

To do so, players must make their way to the uplink towers. These are easy to find on the Bright Sands map. Simply insert the Data Drives into a console to upgrade their tier.

First Uplink Tower can be located in the center and a little towards the map’s north. Meanwhile, the second Uplink Toward can be found towards the southeast part of the map. You can also carry this procedure in the Comms Tower located northwest of the Bright Sands map.

The upgrading process depends on the rarity of the Data Drive you have acquired. So for Uncommon Data Drive, it will take 30 seconds to convert to Common Data Drive. Once upgraded, it can be sold for one faction rep and 1,013 K.

From Uncommon to Rare Data Drive, it will take 60 seconds and can be sold for three faction rep and 2,531 K. Rare to Epic Data Drive will take 90 seconds and can be sold for six faction rep and 6,075 K.

From Epic to Legendary Data Drive, it will take 120 seconds and can be sold for ten faction rep and 10,252 K.

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