The Cycle: Frontier Building A Better Death Ray Quest Guide

“Building A Better Death Ray” is another quest that you can pick up to raise your standing with the Osiris faction in The Cycle: Frontier.

Start the quest by speaking with Emmanuel Sullivan, the CEO of Osiris. He will tell you his plan to fix an old Osiris satellite to become a weapon.

The Cycle Frontier Building A Better Death Ray Quest

Building A Better Death Ray Quest Part 1

Your main objective for this mission is to deliver 5x Dustblooms along with 10x Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms and 10x Magic-Grow Fertilizers.

Dustblooms are flowers colored in purple which can be found mostly north of Crescent falls. You have to visit the Pinnacle labs as well as the area around the Starport Warehouse.

However, obtaining the Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms will be tough due to the fact that they can only be found during a storm. The most likely places to find them are the Jungle and the swamps.

The storm will last for up to 5 minutes. You will have that long to farm your items. You must go well prepared by taking medicine along with you to heal yourself.

You can also avoid the storm tick damage by simply watching out for the red lightning during the storm. As soon as you see the red color in lightning, get away from it. You can only dodge it if your health bar is at least half and in the meantime, you should heal yourself.

Magic grow fertilizers can be found in the bright storm in places like Woodcutter camp and sometimes they can be spawned in areas like Coolers.


  • 1500 FP
  • 64 Osiris Scrip
  • 17,000 Krypto Marks

Building A Better Death Ray Quest Part 2

Your main aim for this specific mission is to deliver 1x Veltecite Hearts along with 20x Charged Spinal Bases.

You can obtain the Veltecite Hearts from the one and only location it can be mined which is the Veltecite Veins. You just must look around the waters to find it. If somehow you are unable to mine it due to the low drop position, then the only way to mine it is during the storm. The storm will cause the drop to be low therefore, you can easily extract the required item.

You can also obtain the Charged Spinal Bases from the storm if you visit dead striders when the storm arrives. You must go to a raid and then the only thing you can do is wait peacefully for the storm to arrive.


  • 1,500 FP
  • 64 Osiris SCRIP
  • 17,000 Krypto Marks

Building A Better Death Ray Quest Rewards

Upon completing the questline, you will receive x1 Heavy Duty Backpack as a reward. The epic tier backpack has a weight limit of up to 350, allowing you to hold on to more items than before.

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