The Cycle: Frontier Best Settings To Increase FPS

The Cycle: Frontier is not just any first-person shooter. It is a first-person shooter with competitive elements for a sweaty massively multiplayer environment.

Hence, your frames per second (FPS) will matter. A higher FPS gives a lot of advantage in twitch shooters, especially over players that are dropping frames during gunfights.

The following guide will attempt to tweak your system settings to increase your FPS in The Cycle: Frontier.

Best Setting For Max FPS In The Cycle: Frontier

Various PC and in-game settings can be tweaked to increase the FPS of your game.

Low Latency Mode

Before starting the game, the best option to increase the total FPS for the game requires you to change the computer setting. You can go into your Nvidia Control Panel or AMD Software.

Here, go to the Settings tab and set the Low latency mode to High or Ultra in Nvidia Control panel, and turn this mode on in AMD Software. These will allow your GPU to work towards decreasing display latency and increasing FPS.

High PC Performance

Make sure you set your PC to High Performance before you start so you can get the best performance.

Enable Game Mode in Windows 10. To do this, go to Settings (Windows key + I) > Gaming > Game Mode (left sidebar).

Optimize your Power Setting for Windows 10. To do that, right-click on the battery symbol on the notification tray and select Power Options. On desktops, you can open the power settings menu from Control Panel -> Power Options. Now click on ‘Show additional plans’ and enable a high-performance plan.

In-game Settings

With these PC settings now set for the best FPS Output, now let us look at the in-game settings to increase FPS.

Resolution Quality
This option determines the resolution at which The Cycle: Frontier will be rendered. Select a value between 85 and 100, depending on your GPU, to avoid getting a blurry view and get the best FPS output to go along with it.

Turn off your V-Sync. This will allow your game to render as many FPS as it can, regardless of your monitor’s refresh rate. If your device is having any issues with V-Sync turned off, make sure you set the V-Sync according to your monitor’s refresh rate.

DLSS is an option for only those who own RTX 20 or RTX 30 series. If you are one of those with a 20 or 30-series RTX GPU, make sure you set your DLSS to Quality Mode for the best output.

Set your Anti-Aliasing to medium to not compromise on your image quality as well as FPS. Reduce it if you are struggling with FPS or don’t mind slightly lower image quality.

Shadow And Texture Quality
Both the options improve the image quality and overall aesthetic of the game and make it more pleasing to look at. Both settings, though normally kept high, allow for a perfect balance between image quality and FPS at a medium setting. For The Cycle: Frontier, the high setting cannot justify the FPS drop.

Draw Distance
Draw Distance determines how far away an object can be rendered. For The Cycle: Frontier, we recommend this setting at Epic unless it is taxing your FOS too much. This setting will allow you to see enemies from a much greater distance, allowing for better engagements.

Post-Process Quality
The setting is responsible for enhancing the visual quality of the game. This can too be kept at Medium for optimal performance and the high setting cannot justify the FPS drop.

Visual Effect Quality
This affects the quality of visual effects, such as detailing various structures and items. The setting is best kept at Low as it improves overall performance and boosts your FPS count.

Motion Blur
It blurs the rest of the environment when your character is sprinting or moving rapidly in the game. For a game like The Cycle: Frontier, this is the worst possible setting as it makes it harder to see things as you are moving. The setting is also very taxing on your performance, so we recommend that you keep it off.

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