The Cycle: Frontier Autoloader Location Map

You have been stranded in an unknown alien world of The Cycle: Frontier, surviving alien attacks, brawling with other humans and you find something that will help you print useful items on the go. Handy, right? That is exactly what an Autoloader does. This guide will highlight all the key locations where you can easily find Autoloader in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Autoloader can be used to print a variety of items while requiring regular charges, such as weapons. Autoloaders can be found at 10 per stack with each one weighing 6 kilos.

The Cycle: Frontier Autoloader Location

The Autoloaders are an Epic rarity item and are very hard to find. Autoloaders mostly spawn in high-traffic areas with extremely dangerous monsters which can be found in the vicinity.

The Autoloaders can be found in one of two loot containers which are

  • Industrial Crate
  • Hidden Stash

The chances of an Industrial Crate dropping an Autoloader range from 2.31% to 2.09%. Autoloader can also be crafted from Aluminum Scrap, Shock Absorber and Hydraulic Piston.

Industrial Crates and Hidden Stashes can be found all over the map for both Crescent Falls and Bright Sands, some spots have the highest likelihood.

Crescent Falls Autoloader Locations

There are two specific spots on the Crescent Falls map where the Autoloader has the highest chances of spawning. The first spot is in the Tent which can be found in the Starport Admin area. This spot has the highest drop rate. The second spot is in the tents around the Oasis.

Crescent Falls Autoloader Locations

Both of these spots are high-traffic areas usually filled with people and other dangerous monsters so players need to be very careful.

Bright Sands Autoloader Locations

For Bright Sands, there is one specific area that has the highest likelihood of dropping Autoloader. That area is the Crashed Ship.

Bright Sands Autoloader Locations

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