The Cycle: Frontier Altered Nickel Location Map

Altered Nickel is an essential ore required in The Cycle: Frontier to upgrade your equipment in the game. This guide will help you find and harvest large amounts of Altered Nickel in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Altered Nickel Locations

Though Nickel Ores can be found by mining them in the world, you can also find Altered Nickel in Tier 1 and 2 Industrial Crates. This Nickel will be more than enough for you at the start of the game before you need to head out and start farming Altered Nickel veins to fulfill your Nickel needs.

Bright Sands Altered Nickel Locations

bright sands altered nickel locations

The best area to farm Altered Nickel fast is east of the Woodcutter Camp. You can find multiple ores of nickel here and near each other. The entire region starting from the top right corner of the map to the southern boundary of Woodcutter Camp is filled with Altered Nickel nodes ready for you to mine.

The second region you want to focus on is Rock Pools. The entire area between the Rock Pools and Swamp is filled with nickel ore. If you want, you can extend the run for nickel farming from the south of the Water Facility all the way to the east of Science Camp up to Lagoon.

What we are trying to imply is that the entire southern border of the map is basically a large pool for you to farm Altered Nickel, though the farming route here is longer than the one near Woodcutter Camp.

Crescent Falls Altered Nickel Locations

crescent falls altered nickel locations

The best area to farm high quantities of Altered Nickel in the Crescent Falls map is just northeast of Green’s Prospect and extends to the complete southern border of Starport Admin and Starport Warehouse. You can find a high concentration of Altered Nickel ores here easily and ready to farm.

Other than this, you can farm the area south of the Geothermal Plant to get Altered Nickel fast. The Altered nickel ore extends from the Geothermal Plant to the start of Root Rock Tunnel.

Other than this, the Altered Nickel 0res are scattered and are not worth going out of your way to farm.

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