The Crew: Orlando Leaked, Could Feature Battle Royale

There appears to be a new installment in the works for The Crew franchise which will apparently address concerns of its predecessors.

Earlier today, several images were data mined from The Crew 2 (via Reddit) to uncover something new called Project Orlando.

Taking to Twitter right after, known leaker Tom Henderson claimed that Project Orlando was once planned to be a post-release expansion pack for The Crew 2 but has since then been set aside as a brand new installment in the franchise, internally dubbed The Crew: Orlando.

Despite what appearances suggest, The Crew: Orlando is not a reboot but is said to overhaul “everything” as developer Ubisoft was not too happy with The Crew 2. That is despite Ubisoft confirming the franchise to have attracted more than 30 million players since launch.

Something interesting to note is that data-mined references have tagged The Crew: Orlando to feature a battle royale with “a breathless crew vs crew race, up to 100 players, and with vehicles switch along three different sections.” Whether that battle royale gameplay still holds in the final game remains to be seen.

The Crew: Orlando apparently remains in pre-alpha and without a release date. Hence, Ubisoft should not be expected to make an announcement anytime soon.

The Crew 2 was released in 2018 as the most recent entry in the persistent open-world racing franchise. It featured a free-roaming scaled-down recreation of the United States where players could control a variety of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, and even airplanes.

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