Harley-Davidson: The Crew 2 Is “A Natural Fit” For Us

The Crew 2 will feature Cars, Bikes, Planes and more and of course, Ubisoft has licensed many brands whose vehicles will appear in the game and Harley-Davidson is one of them. Now the company has spoken about the representation of their bikes in The Crew 2.

Speaking with GameReactor at Gamescom 2017, Harley-Davidson’s Tom Martin and Dan Darrow revealed that The Crew 2 is a natural fit for Harley-Davidson due the customization and personalization of vehicles which are very important for the company.

Customisation and personalisation are two really important parts to Harley-Davidson, and that was why The Crew was such a natural fit, because they put so much energy into letting you personalise your vehicle and make it your own. And we wanted to make sure Harley-Davidson motorcycles were carried through into the game and represented accurately, so we made sure that Ubisoft had our CAD data [Computer-Aided Design] of our actual bikes, we went through a lot of effort to make sure we had great sound for each ones of the bikes that will appear in the game as well. So we did both closed-course and in-studio recording – we probably had about 15 different microphones on each bike to get the sound exactly right – so that when the rider is riding the bike in the game it sounds exactly like it would in real life.

Also, it seems that the game has caught the eye of a lot of players as according to Ubisoft, The Crew 2 have record high beta registrations. Also, Ubisoft expects The Crew 2 to compare favorably against Steep. According to the company’s predictions, many of the players from the first game will automatically come to The Crew 2.

The Crew 2 is in development at Ivory Tower and is scheduled to launch in early 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and will also be enhanced for Xbox One X.

Source: GameReactor

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