The Ascent Syntax Error Walkthrough

In this walkthrough we’ll cover Syntax Error, the eighth main mission in The Ascent. Just like other main missions you can gain EXP and other rewards from it. Let’s see what this mission has in store for us!

The Ascent Syntax Error

First things first, you need to call Kira via holophone for a briefing. We will leave the lab as we are going are to The Pinnacle to find The Ascent Group board members. After getting outside the lab take a cab to Highstreet.

The Grateful Abbott

Head towards east there you’ll find the Grateful Abbott. A cutscene will start.

Grateful Abbott has lost his FOB and can’t pass through. He will ask you to help him with his FOB problem and in exchange, he’ll help you gain access to The Pinnacle. Go to the Corpzone. Ping the waymarker and go to the marked area.

Here you will encounter some enemies. You need to go around here and there to find and kill the enemy that has the FOB. Your IMP will inform you once you’ve killed the random enemy that has FOB.

Pick up the FOB and go back to Highstreet. Return Abbot his thing and you will gain access to The Pinnacle.

The Pinnacle

After reaching The Pinnacle don’t go to the Ascent Group HQ just yet. First, go in the east direction, find and get a Cyberdeck upgrade. Now you head towards the HQ.

Here you will face many mechanical enemies like heavy, light Monobots and establishment’s defense system, which will make your gig a little more difficult.

Use Augmentation Hyper Focus, Mono Ranger, and your powerful energy-based weapon. This combo will help you get through. Wipe all the enemies here in The Grand Alley.

Continue straight until you reach the boardroom entrance, which is locked due to the lockdown. It can only be opened by the Ascents Group AGI.

Head to the east, down the hall, at the end of the hallway you’ll find the room having the AGI. Grab the Advanced component from the room that comes before the AGI room. Superior Component can be found right inside the AGI room, near the entrance.

After getting your hands on both components go to the AGI and trigger a cutscene. This concludes the Syntax Error mission in The Ascent.

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