The Ascent Skills and Attributes Guide

In our The Ascent Skills and Attributes guide, we will teach you how different skills and attributes work in this game and what effects do Attributes have on these skills.

The Ascent Skills and Attributes

The Ascent has a bunch of passive skills that help with your playstyle. You have to be careful with how you go about investing your skill points to make character builds in The Ascent.

Skills in The Ascent

Skills are the abilities of your character to perform various actions like shooting, dodging, aiming e.t.c. As you upgrade your character by unlocking more skills, your playstyle will change completely.

For leveling up in-game, you are given 3 Skill Points that you can use to unlock different skills. There are a total of eight skills that you can unlock and level up using Skill Points. These skills can be leveled up by 20 times.

Can you Respec Your Skills?

Yes, you can easily respec your skills in The Ascent by interacting with the Grafter. They are marked on the map by a DNA icon.

Head to their location and enter the shop. Interact with the Grafter and choose the “Go in for Surgery” option.

Now, you can get your spent skill level points back by choosing the “Reset Skills” option.

Skills and their Effects

The eight skills in The Ascent are:

Critical Hit Rate

Increases the damage that you deal to enemies when they are hit with a critical shot.

Max Crit Rate: 20%


Increases your aiming accuracy.

Max Rate: 1700%


Increases your ability to hold against stuns, knockbacks, movement speed while firing, and staggers.

Max Balance: 100%

Body Battery

Increases the capacity of Energy (EN).

Max Capacity: 200


Increases your ability to dodge the enemy attacks by reducing evasion cooldown.

Max Increase: 200%

Tactical Sense

Increases the amount of tactical charge you get for dealing damage to the enemy.

Max Rate: 200%

Vital Sign

Increases your maximum health by 10 for each level up.

Max Health: 200

Weapon Handling

Increases reload and weapon swap speed

Max Increase: 100%

Attributes in The Ascent

Stats and Attributes in The Ascent will help to further boost and improve your abilities by allowing you to dish out more damage with enhancements or simply speed up your augmentation abilities.

With the right combination and the perfect build, you can be unstoppable in The Ascent.

There are a total of four attributes in The Ascent. These are:


Biometric attributes define and provide a buff to the HP and Energy (EN) of your character. The following two skills are affected by this attribute:

  • Body Battery
  • Vital Signs


Increases your character’s ability to deal extra damage to the enemies. The following two skills are affected by Cybernetics:

  • Critical Hit Rate
  • Tactical Sense


Increases your character’s movement speed and agility. The following two skills are affected by this attribute:

  • Balance
  • Evasion


Increases the ability to use weapons more effectively and precisely. The following two skills are affected by Motorics:

  • Aiming
  • Weapon Handling

What Skills and Attributes to Focus On?

It all depends on how you want to play the game and what your playstyle is.

If you are more of a run-and-gun kinda guy, then focus on maxing out the following three skills:

  • Critical Hit Rate
  • Evasion
  • Vital Signs

If you like to cause giant explosions and shoot projectiles more effectively, max out the following skills:

  • Tactical Sense
  • Balance
  • Weapon Handling

The best skills that I can suggest you level up are Critical Hit Rate, Weapon Handling, and Vital Signs. These are the most powerful skills in the game that you should focus on.