The Ascent Skill Point Locations Guide

Knowing these Skill Point Locations in The Ascent will help you quickly tweak your character’s abilities according to your playstyle. You can follow this guide to collect all of the skill points scattered across the world of The Ascent and unlock a multitude of different skills and upgrades.

The Ascent Skill Point Locations

In the Ascent, your character gets awarded 3 skill points on each level up, but other than that, you can also collect skill points from the world if you have a keen eye. You can utilize these skill points to upgrade your health, accuracy, tactical recharge durations, and other very handy things.

These Skill Point Locations are divided into 7 different areas.

Skill Point #1: Workout Courtyard in Cluster 13

You can find a skill point lying around in the workout courtyard of Cluster 13 near the end of the first story mission. You have to look towards the right side, closer to that bartender.

Skill Points#2: Waste Recycling Network

The skill point in the Waste Recycling Network can be acquired once you revisit the place and defeat Papa Feral once again. The skill point will drop in a chest right after the boss fight.

Skill Points #3: Storeroom in Gratitude

During the Gratitude mission, you need to look north of the No Man’s Land station and enter a storeroom nearby. This skill point can be acquired from that storeroom by opening the lock with a Cyberdeck Upgrade.

Skill Point #4: The Café in Gratitude

Another skill point found during the gratitude mission can be located near the Black Lake Towers. This one is near the abandoned café, towards the southern wall.

Skill Points #5: Southeast side of Grinder Station

Your second mission in the Ascent will take you to Grinder, and this skill point can be looted off the ground from the southeast (Top Right) corner of the map. That location also has a bunch of other stuff for you to loot, so don’t miss out on it.

Skill Points #6: Biochoice Pharma Building in Nitroad

During your visit to the Nitroad, you will be fighting foes around a densely packed area with smaller buildings and sheds. Among these, the Biochoice Pharma Building contains the skill point you are looking for.

Skill Points #7: Behind the Eastern Desk in Cosmodrome

The final skill point can be picked up from behind the eastern desk in the Cosmodrome. This desk is located on the eastern side of the terminal area, near the end of the mission.

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