How to Respec Skill Points in The Ascent

We will be teaching you How to Respec skill points in The Ascent in this guide. Learning this will help you change up your stats and skills based on your playstyle. We will be telling you exactly how you can respect your skill points and which vendors you need to visit for that.

How to Respec Skill Points in The Ascent

Every time you level up in The Ascent, you are awarded 3 skill points that you can spend on any skill that is appropriate for your playstyle. You can also pick up skill points in the world from these locations. Once you’ve used the skill points, you can still reassign them later on.

The Ascent allows you to Respec Skill Points later on if you decide to shake things up a bit and try a new playstyle. We will be telling you just how you can Respec your skill points and which vendor you need to visit to do that.

The Grafter

The Grafter will help you respec your skill points. He can be located on the map having the DNA helix symbol. This vendor can not only respec your skill points but also help you buy and sell different augmentations and modules as well.

Once you reach his shop, the Grafter will perform a surgery on you, which opens up the skill menu and from there, you can select “Reset Skills” to pay a fee for each respec and manage their entire skill tree according to their liking. The cost for this surgery will increase with every skill you respec, so be sure that your wallet can afford the change before thinking of a new build.

Other Alternatives

If you are just looking to shake things up a bit, then respecing your whole skill tree is not a good option. You should try armor, weapons, and augmentations of different types to have a diverse set of abilities at your disposal. Different weapons can change your experience altogether and save you from spending so much on updating your skill tree.

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