The Ascent Recompile Walkthrough

Recompile is the ninth campaign mission of the Ascent after Syntax Error, and it helps you proceed in the game’s main story. This guide, will provide you with The Ascent Recompile walkthrough with step-by-step instructions in each part of the mission to help you complete it.

The Ascent Recompile

The Recompile mission is quite lengthy and requires you to go through its fair share of challenges to complete the quest. Below we’ve discussed The Ascent Recompile walkthrough in steps to help you complete it.

Talking to Kira

Once you’re done with the Syntax Error mission, Recompile will become available for you to play. At the start of the Recompile mission, you’ll find yourself with Kira in the AGI room.

To start the mission, interact with her, and she’ll begin to apprise you about the task. Upon her briefing, you’ll learn that you have to acquire access to AGI Cognitive Core, and to be able to do that, you need Noghead’s assistance.

Finding Noghead

To reach Noghead, you’ll first have to make your way to the Coder’s Cove and then meet up with him. But before you can go there, you’ll have to head towards the Warren Arcology. So leave the AGI room and head right.

Go down to the reception area and move forward till you reach the Pinnacle Arcology. From there, travel to the Hight Street Arcology and then finally to the Warren Arcology.

Upon entering, you’ll have some enemies shoot at you, so gear up and take them down.

Now run down to the platform and take the train to fast travel towards the Black Lake Tower. There will be many enemies that’ll attack you when you reach there.

Reach Coder’s Cove

Once you reach the entrance of Coder’s Cove, a cut scene will be triggered. Here your enemies from the Onyx Void Operatives will greet you along with Turbo Thugs and a new enemy called the Black Hacker. You’ll have a pretty intense fight here, so be ready to blow up some bad guys.

We suggest you take out the Black Hackers as soon as you see them, as they are pretty fast and can cause a lot of damage to you. They’ll try hacking you, so use cyberdeck. To deal with other enemies, use your best combat moves and gear.

You can also take cover behind waist-high structures or dash whenever a bullet comes your way. Keep fighting the enemies and blast your bullets in full circles till you completely get rid of them.

Talking to Noghead

Once you’ve cleared the Coder’s Cover entrance, go inside and find Noghead. You’ll find him chilling at his station, so make your way there. As soon as you enter, a cutscene will be triggered.

Noghead will have a conversation with Hung, who’s pretty mad at him and threatens to kill him. Once that’s over, Noghead will give you the coordinates of the Ascent Group’s AGI.

Now head back to the entrance and from there move towards the Outskirts. Clear the area by killing the enemies and then head towards the Blossom Hills.

From here, go to Warren’s Arcology and then head east to make way to the Deep Stink Arcology. Once you’re here, go straight and take the central lift to enter dNexus.

Reach the AGI Cognitive Core

As soon as you enter dNexus, you’ll have a swarm of enemies coming your way. All of these enemies are mechanical, so we highly suggest you change up your weapon’s energy according to their vulnerability to help you deal with them.

It will also help if you strategize your moves and pull up your best counterattacks to deal with the bad guys.

Keep following the pointer on the map and keep fighting off the enemies on different platforms. You’ll also have Megarachnoid as an elite enemy here, so gear up for that and beat him. Again, keep fighting and take cover if needed.

You can use the available Tactical to help you take down the enemies effectively. We also recommend switching the gear if you want better performance in the battle. Now, keep clearing your path till you reach the lift that’ll take you down to AGI Cognitive Core.

Reboot AGI

Enter AGI Cognitive Core and go straight towards the terminal. Take a deep breath, and whenever you’re ready for the next swarm of enemies, interact with the terminal. Upon interacting, the terminal will reboot AGI in under 3 minutes.

For those 3 minutes, you’ll have to fight off the enemies and survive till the rebooting process is complete.

So keep on fighting and shoot the enemies before they could reach you. Once you’ve cleared the enemies and rebooting is done, head back to dNexus.

Here you’ll have your fight against Ascender Combatants, MG Operatives, and Onyx Void Operatives.

Be ready because a lot is about to go down. We suggest you make as much use of the augmentations as possible because you need more than just the weapons here.

Do what you’re best at and combat these enemies with the combination of firearms, tactical, and augmentations. Fight them till you’ve taken them down.

Return to the Ascent Group HQ

Now, you have to go back to the Ascent Group HQ.  Kira will tell you about the executive elevator that’ll take you directly to The Pinnacle. So save yourself from the long way and follow the map marker to navigate you to the elevator.

You’ll now arrive at the Ascent Group HQ, where a cutscene will be triggered. And that’s it! You’ve successfully completed the mission.


Once you’ve completed the Recompile mission, you’ll receive the well-deserved 200,000 XP.

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