The Ascent Papa Feral Boss Guide

During the Arcology Blues mission of The Ascent you’ll face a boss fight against the largest of the Feral, Papa Feral. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can defeat this big oaf easily so you can complete the mission.

The Ascent Papa Feral Boss

The Papa Feral boss fight starts soon after players enter the Waste Management System. A cutscene plays indicating the start of the boss fight.

Papa Feral’s Attacks

Papa Feral is a larger Feral, equipped with explosives. A lot of his moves involve these explosives. One of the moves is that Papa Feral will scream and a red circle will appear around the arena. These circles are the target area where numerous rockets will fall. These rockets deal a lot of damage. So, whenever you see them, be ready to dodge them and get away as far as possible to stay safe.

Another attack that Papa Feral utilizes is a pounce. This attack has range and it’s best to dodge to the sides, rather than dodging back, as you will still be caught in the attack.

Papa Feral almost always screams to indicate this attack so be vigilant. You can use the Shockwave grenade to stun papa Feral, preventing this attack altogether, but it’s best to not use them now.

Both of these mentioned attacks can be chained as well. Papa Feral may launch his rockets destined to fall, and then pounce on you as well, giving you almost no room to dodge. This is why you need to be aware of your position at all times in the fight.

Throughout the fight, Papa Feral will be supported by smaller Feral. These Feral, while appearing at intervals, can be very annoying as you have to get away from them.

Managing the smaller Feral as well as Papa Feral’s onslaught of explosives and pounces is the main challenge of this fight

How to Defeat Papa Feral

You have to maintain your distance from Papa Feral at all times. If he gets close you can be sure you’ll pay for it. You need to kite him, and every time you hear the beast scream, get ready to roll. Don’t be hasty, make sure of which attack he is using. You don’t want to roll into his blasts.

Remember when we told you to hold on to the Shockwave Grenades, use them when the smaller Feral spawn. These grenades will stun both papa Feral and the smaller Feral, allowing you to get them, heal or simply take a breather.

Don’t avoid killing the smaller Feral to get to Papa Feral. Killing smaller Feral can be beneficial as they may drop consumables for you to get ammo and even health in the fight. A simple way to do this is to stun them all, and kill the smaller Feral. This will keep you safe and you can then easily get rid of them.

Follow these tips and keep away from Papa Feral’s attack and you will soon be done with the first boss of The Ascent.


Papa Feral, once defeated, provides a good chunk of XP and drops a whole bunch of UCreds

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