The Ascent Mutual Dependencies Walkthrough

This guide is a comprehensive walkthrough on the second mission of The Ascent, Mutual Dependencies. Mutual dependencies is the main mission in the game that takes you to the world of Veles.

The Ascent Mutual Dependencies

The Mutual Dependencies mission will be available when you complete Arcology Blues and enter Cluster 13, the main city of the game.

In Mutual Dependencies, Poone mentions that with the collapse of the Ascent group, they need to have a stackboss meeting to figure out the mess they’re in.

Your main task is to handle security by clearing the way to the Stackboss meeting. We’ll cover the main mission as well as the side missions as we make our way there. Here is what you need to do:

Speak to Poone

First, reboot the SI in the waste disposal area to get to Cluster 13. From here, you need to move towards the Serenity Plus and talk to Poone. At this point, you will get the details of what you have to do.

After you talk to Poone, speak with the man next to Poone’s table with the diamond icon on his head. Once the players speak with this man, they can accept the side mission known as Gear Up.

Gear Up Side Mission

The biggest advantage of this side mission is that it helps you a lot to get ready for the main mission. The man gives you 12000 UCRED after you talk to him and accept the mission.

This UCRED can be used to visit the grafter, armor dealer, and weapon dealer to buy new weapons.

It is highly recommended that you complete this side mission before you head to the Grinder District so that you can enhance your defensive capabilities, as you will have to face many different enemies while accomplishing the main mission.

Move to the Grinder District

Now, get to the rooftops of Cluster 13 and use the lift to ride downwards, where you will see a helipad. Get to the helipad, and you can see UCRED and Master Squint Visor hiding inside a chest.

From here move right and you will find stairs. Move down the stairs to get to the abandoned shop.

Move inside the shop, and here, you will find some more UCRED at the entrance. Moreover, one can find a datapad to read, and a Basic Component as well.

Outside the door, some crates also carry UCRED and a shirt skin: Canary. Now, move on any of the ways and reach Turbo Viper’s Hideout.

Here you should make sure that all the enemies are killed, you reach the art gallery of Grinder District, and secure the area for Poone. Here you will encounter several enemies, so you should be well prepared for attacking them.

Players can use covers and shoot while they are in a shield. One can also attack the objects like barrels and vehicles so that when they explode, they can cause a huge amount of damage to the enemies.

Clear out the Grinder

Now, you will reach the area known as ‘No Man’s Land, which is the central point in the gang’s area. One of the thugs will drop a weapon, the Dread, and you can use that weapon as well. Keep on moving on to your marked objective and clear your way by fighting the gang members.

Now, you will reach the Grinder, and here Poone will warn you about a possible attack from Turbo Vipers using their fullchromes.

Here, your task is to kill four of these fullchromes. To identify the fullchrome whether the fullchrome is nearby or not, notice the red skull on the enemy’s head.

The fullchromes use rockets that can track your movement, so kill the turbo thugs first so that you can take care of the rockets. Fullchrome gets overheated and falls on the ground to reboot itself, so use this weakness and shoot immediately to kill the fullchrome.

Now, move to the art gallery and secure the area.

At this point, some reinforcements of turbo thugs will arrive. You will have to fight them to defend the area. The next enemy to appear will be the Hammerhead, carrying two unique attacks.

The first one is when they smash the ground with their large hammer and cause a crack to form on the ground, which spreads towards you as well. The other one is they attack you really quickly like a bull.

Make sure you are at least halfway from the enemy. Moreover, you can use AR Dread and Shockwave Grenade. Shielding here will not work, so you should keep moving while you are attacking the enemy.


Defeating all the enemies at the Grinder will complete the mission, and you will gain 10,000 XP as a reward.

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