The Ascent Lost and Found Walkthrough

If you are looking to complete the Lost and Found quest in The Ascent, then you’ve come to the right place. We will be helping you complete this seemingly easy yet tricky quest and pinpoint any collectibles in The Ascent Lost and Found.

The Ascent Lost and Found

Lost and Found is one of those quests that seem very simple in the beginning but later on, you stumble on something that halts your progress. We will be helping you overcome any issues and complete this quest in the quickest way possible.

First, you need to talk to Raphael, who can be found at Karma Logistics in the Node. A long cutscene will start when you talk to Raphael, after which you will be told to go to Tham’s Gate.

Locating Raphael’s Bag

You need to look for her bag and then deliver it to the said location. The game will have you search a few different bags until you finally find the right one. In the meantime, enemy hordes will attack you as well, so be ready for a fight. You will find the right bag eventually, and now you have to deliver it to Taoka at the Dream World Club, located in the CorpZone.

Finding Taoka

This is where things become a bit tricky. You should be able to just walk up to the Dream World Club, go inside, and hand over the bag, but that’s not the case. This objective has a hidden prerequisite that prevents you from completing the mission. If you go to the Dream Club, the game will not let you enter it because you have not completed the prerequisite quest yet.

To enter the Dream World Club and deliver the bag to Taoka, you need to complete the 6th campaign mission of The Ascent; Foreign Code.

It might sound weird and is probably a bug, but once you complete that mission, the Dream Club will be unlocked for you, and now you can deliver the bag and conclude the mission. There are other missions with hidden requirements as well, so it’s safe to say that the game needs a few hotfix patches.

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